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Hi, I’m Kristi…My original goal when I first began Homestead Wishing was to help others struggling to get started in their homesteading journey… Often people just don’t know where to start. Be assured you can start just about anywhere…

Some people start with gardening, others cooking, and some jump head first and start with livestock! No matter how you decide to begin I have many resources to share with you.

That’s why I’m here, to share all of the knowledge that I’ve gained over the last several years. To have it all in one convenient place for people to consume!

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Free Herbal Courses

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The Mushroom Course
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The Craft of Herbal Fermentation Course by Herbal Academy
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Follow your nose and enroll in the Natural Perfumery Course by Herbal Academy
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Seasonal and Discounted Herbal Courses

DIY Garden Markers

Make your very own beautiful DIY Garden Markers with my tutorial. I’ve made an awesome printable to help make marking your seeds extra special!

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cute baby chick on top of mama chicken

5 Mistakes New Chicken Keepers Make

Here are 5 Mistakes New Chicken Keepers Make. These are simple mistakes anyone can make. Read this before you get chickens!

Meals in a jar

Meals in Jars – Using only Dry ingredients

When I think of meals in jars I don’t think of salads! That’s what plastic food containers are for…These meals are for a rainy day or perhaps even a busy day. Great for emergencies or busy days!

Ripening pinecone ginger

Pinecone Ginger – The shampoo Plant

One of the most beautiful plants you’ll ever see! This plant can be used as shampoo and so much more! Come learn about the beautiful Pinecone Ginger and its many uses!

Beautyberry Jelly Recipe | Foraging For Jelly

Beautyberry – Yummy Jelly & Bug Repellent?

Oh yes, beautyberry is not only beautiful but useful. It’s bright purple berries can be easily harvested and made into a delicious jelly…The leaves can be rubbed on the skin to use a bug repellent…See what kind of bugs it may repel in the full post…

How Do You Take a Vacation When You Have Chickens

How To Take a Vacation When You Have Chickens

Getting away can be a little difficult when you’re homesteading. Check out this post for tips and tricks on taking a vacation when you have chickens.

Latest Posts From homestead Wishing

Why Are My Chickens Panting | Heat, Disease, Parasites, and More

Have you ever noticed your chickens panting? You’re not going crazy, chickens DO PANT much like a dog does! It might be quite funny to see a chicken pant like a dog, but what does it mean? Why are my chickens panting? Chickens can pant because of heat, stress, disease, parasites, and even respiratory issues…However, the most…

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