2019 Amazon Prime Day for Preppers

2019 Amazon Prime Day for Preppers

Prime Day For Preppers
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It’s a great time to stock up on the items you love to stockpile! Prime day actually lasts for two days July 15th – 16th. These exclusive deals are for those people who pay for that Prime membership. I’ve found some cool Prime day deals for preppers.

If you don’t have Prime yet, don’t worry you can get a 30-day free trial to try it out!

List of Deals | Prime Day For Preppers

NOTICE: These prices are subject to change. After Prime day, these prices will probably not be available.

  1. Sawyer Personal Water Filter
  2. Dry Sacks
  3. Folding shovel
  4. Collapsible water filter bottle
  5. Firestarter kit
  6. Sewing & mending kit
  7. Bushnell night vision goggles
  8. Rain ponchos
  9. Smartphone faraday case
  10. Gas Mask
  11. Mylar bag SEALER
  12. Fireproof document bag
  13. Folding camping axe
  14. Desiccant packs
  15. Compressed tissues
  16. Pepper spray
  17. Camping cleaver
  18. Whistles
  19. Knife sharpener
  20. Portable solar charger
  21. Large first aid kit
  22. Emergency roadside kit
  23. Lantern, hand crank
  24. Heavy-duty rain poncho
  25. Suture practice kit
  26. Sharpening stone with sheath
  27. Portable camping stove
  28. Solo Stove (I’d prefer the solo stove over #27 any day)
  29. Weather/emergency radio
  30. Heirloom seeds
  31. Kershaw Barricade
  32. Kershaw Multi-Function pocket knife
  33. Kershaw assisted opening
  34. Manual pasta maker
  35. Mountain House Classic Bucket
  36. Purell Wipes
  37. Compression bandages
  38. Manual coffee grinder
  39. Manual blood pressure cuff
  40. Stethoscope & blood pressure cuff
  41. Trail camera
  42. Vacuum food sealer

Personal Favorite Deals During Prime Day for Preppers

I have a Solo Stove and I love it. I’ve used it when we lost power after a hurricane. This mama needs her coffee, okay!? It’s also great for backpacking etc…

I don’t have this, but it looks like a great price! It’s usually about $200 and it’s marked down to about only 60 bucks!

One of my all-time favorite pocket knives. Kershaw is one of my favorite knife brands. I have this pocket knife in slate grey, but the blue is very nice too.

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