All Natural Chicken First Aid Kit | Chicken Emergency Kit

All Natural Chicken First Aid Kit | Chicken Emergency Kit

Chicken First Aid Kit
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There may come a day when you are faced with a chicken emergency. That’s why it’s super important to have an all-natural chicken first aid kit

I’m not sure about where you live, but there are not many veterinarians that treat chickens where we live. I have to rely on my own knowledge, and supplies when something bad happens.

Be ready for all kinds of chicken emergencies, such as wounds, illness, mites, and more.

All Natural Chicken First Aid Kit

Treating Pests on chickens

  • Garlic Juice – It’s not just for the pests in the garden! That’s right, garlic juice might just help you control mites and lice. Make a mixture of 1 part garlic juice to 9 parts water.
  • Verm-X – de-wormer
  • VetRX – Treats, scaly legs, eye worms, and respiratory issues.
  • DE aka Diatomaceous Earth – may help with external parasites, such as scaly leg mites, fleas, and lice.
all natural chicken first aid kit

Chickens Wounds

  • Cornstarch – Sprinkle on the wound to help stop bleeding.
  • Green Goo – antibiotic/antifungal salve, perfect for cuts and scrapes.
  • Saline Solution – Saline is always helpful when it comes to wounds. Saline can wash wounds and even eyes!
  • Honey – In a pinch, you can apply honey to a wound. Its properties are antibiotic and antifungal.
    all natural chicken first aid kit
  • Gauze
  • Non-stick gauze pads
  • Waterproof tape
  •  Syringes for dosing

Chicken Illness -and Weather Related Issues

  • Nutri-Drench – this product provides nutrients to sick, weak birds. It can help improve the condition of birds who may be suffering from heatstroke.
    all natural chicken first aid kit
  • Oregano Oil – I’ve used this myself when I was super sick. It tastes nasty, because it’s super concentrated. I won’t lie. Oregano oil is a very powerful antibiotic. You can add 1/2 tsp to a gallon of water.
    all natural chicken first aid kit
  • Coconut oil – Protect combs and wattles from the cold. 
    all natural chicken first aid kit

I really hate to see when my chickens are not feeling well. Call me a sap but I love my chickens. I’m probably too attached. Just the other day I had to get rid of one of my roosters. It was so sad! I never thought in a million years I would get so attached to chickens! Hah! I totally did. I am probably more attached to the baby chicks that we hatched this spring.

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4 thoughts on “All Natural Chicken First Aid Kit | Chicken Emergency Kit”

  1. I use Blue Kote a lot. It’s one of my go to products, especially for pecking issues. It has never let me down.
    I’m going to work on getting some more of these items. Since, we have no idea what the world will bring next year. This one has been so crazy!

  2. How do I know what is wrong with my chicken? My hen, “Betty”, has been plucking out her feathers ever since I got her in May. She has no feathers left on her back and two spots that turn red and irritated.
    Until recently she has been a great laying hen. She has grown into a good size and seemed very healthy. She is has been the friendliest of my flock.
    Lately, she seems to be feeling bad. Not eating much, and seems ‘messy’ looking. I think she’s loosing weight and has diarrhea. And she seems to have stopped laying. What can I do to help her???

    1. Hey Darlene, so sorry to hear about your girl.

      Diagnising a chicken in person can be difficult, oven the computer not really possible. However, I would go through a sort of checklist of things to do.

      Firstly, I would separate here and place her in a cage away from all the other birds.
      Second, I would treat the feather loss area with some Blue Kote.
      Third, the not eating & diarrhea could be anything from parasites, inpacted or sour crop to bacteria or even something else.
      Next, I would make sure to give her electrolytes in her water. They usually sell little packets where you buy your chicken food.
      Next, I would check to see if her crop is full. It could be the cause of the decreased appetite.
      I would also check her vent area (egger) to see that it’s not swollen or red. If it is I would give her a warm bath with some epsom salt.
      I’ve linked to list below of common chicken sickness and diseases for you to look over, it includes some treatment suggestions. I would give her a good week in quaratine, with plenty of food and water with electrolytes and see how she does. If she has an impacted crop I would try to loosen that up a bit. There are some youtube videos that might help you with that. Otherwise giving her a few days in quarantine might help her get better.

      I’d love for you to keep me updated! Again so sorry that your girl is sick. Good luck with her!

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