Back to School Supplies From Amazon | Updated Annually

Back to School Supplies From Amazon | Updated Annually

back to school supplies
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I’m on the hunt for the best back to school supplies from Amazon. I try to update this list every year. Hopefully, this year we find some excellent deals!

Quality School Supplies

Here are my tips on buying school supplies. Don’t buy cheap pencils, buy Ticonderoga. They make a good quality pencil.

I don’t know about you, but constantly having broken, dull pencils can be a distraction when trying to teach or learn.

Good quality pens and pencils can be the difference between a focused student, or a distracted student.

When it comes to pencil sharpeners, if you’re homeschooling like I am, this is important. Having a good pencil sharpener can cut hours off a day. Okay, I’m exaggerating.

The old-style pencil sharpeners tend to be the best. They never seem to fail if you find a good one. It’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Back to School Supplies from Amazon

Updated July 2020

It seems like it’s kinda up in the air about whether or not kids will go back to school this fall. So, I’ve updated this post to include normal back to school supplies and a second list to help you set up your virtual classroom and other homeschooling needs.

Virtual Classroom & Homeschooling Supplies

Get your classroom ready with some essentials! These are really great back to school supplies from Amazon.

I told you about using an old-style pencil sharpener. I have an old one that works great. You can still find them on eBay if you want to look there. However, I found this pencil sharpener below on Amazon and it has many great reviews!

Having a calendar in your classroom is a great way to let your student visualize the date.

You don’t have to have a whole bunch of wall space to get these posters. We use posters like these, but they aren’t on any wall, since wall space is limited in our classroom. Mostly because it triples as my office and bedroom!

Instead of hanging them up we pull them out as needed.

These posters can help you teach kids about math, time, money, the solar system, geography, the U.S. Presidents, and so much more! This is a fantastic pack of posters!

A standing whiteboard comes in handy when teaching students that learn visually. If you don’t have the space for a whiteboard this size, you could buy a tabletop whiteboard. Subsequently, if you have plenty of space in your classroom this bigger standing whiteboard is what is typically used in a real classroom.

Good dry erase markers are critical if you’re going to be writing on a whiteboard in your classroom. In my experience, the kids love to work on math problems on the whiteboard. Any time you can get kids excited about math, do it!

Clipboards can really come in handy in the home classroom. For my boys, when they do worksheets they tend to go to other rooms. Some of the need quite, some need to be in a comfortable cozy space. These clipboards allow them to work independently in any room in the house.

Erasable pens – I don’t know about you but I have kids that love writing in pen. These erasable pens are amazing and it’s a wonderful way to let the creative side out with all of the pretty colors.

Dry erase pockets – These are great for putting worksheets in like multiplication facts! This is a super frugal way to get your student to memorize a ton of facts without using up all that expensive ink!

Laminating Machine – Alternatively to the pocket product above, you could make your own dry erase laminated worksheets! You can use these to make erasable practice pages for sight words, addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts!

Wireless printer – A good printer is super important when your homeschooling. There are so many cool free resources online such as coloring pages, lapbooks, worksheets, and more!

Do you have a table or desks in your classroom yet? This small desk is perfect in small spaces.

These little lap desks are great if you’re short on space. They provide enough room for a laptop, or paper and pencils. The best part is that this can be moved anywhere in the home. Allowing your child to work where he or she is most comfortable in a quiet space that is conducive to a better learning experience!

A nice homeschool planner is always nice. It can help you to keep organized and have everything planned out.

You might wonder why I would put a kindle on the list. That’s because this Kid’s edition of the Kindle Fire 7 is a fully functional tablet. When you buy this tablet it comes with one year of Amazon free time CURRENTLY (I don’t know if or when that deal will expire, so check before you buy).

Amazon free time will give kids access to 20,000 kid-friendly apps from popular brand names parents know, love, and most importantly, TRUST! The best part is that these apps will be totally free for a whole year! Another wonderful feature on the Kindle 7 is the parental controls. You can manage screen time and even educational goals.

For older kids in high school and middle school, they may prefer the Kindle Fire 7 (adult version). This one doesn’t come with the kid’s case. This is an “adult” version, however, you can use the parental controls on this device also. That’s a huge plus if you ask me!

When a tablet isn’t enough to do the job, you may want to look into getting a good laptop. This Hp Chromebook has the ability to lay flat, which is great when you have more than one person trying to look at the screen.

Back To Public School Supplies

Do the teacher a favor this year and buy glue sticks for every kid in class!

Reusable Waterproof Lunchbox – These cute little bags are perfect for a little kid’s lunch items.

The pencils that teachers ask for by name! Ticonderoga are some of the best pencils. Off brand pencils break so often, get them a better pencil so they can study in school and not sharpen pencils all day instead!

Somewhere in your classroom, you’ll need an organizer for all of the pens, pencils, glue, etc… I like this one because it has enough space for a couple of glue bottles, and many other compartments for pens and whatnot.

1 inch 3 ring binders are often a requirement in the classroom.

For older kids, they will need a scientific calculator.

This lunchbox is super popular right now, especially with parents. It’s leak-proof and has 5 compartments.

A great set of notebooks, for all the kid’s needs.

Save yourself some time and just buy a bundle of school items. Although, I think these items may be cheaper to buy separately if you get low on time and are in a hurry, buying a bundle could help!

Check out these back to school tips. Also, I’ve got plenty of free homeschool resources that you’ll absolutely love!

Are the kids ready to get back to school?

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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