Benefits of Aloe Vera | Creative Uses & Preserving Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera | Creative Uses & Preserving Aloe Vera

Benefits of Aloe Vera
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Most of us know about the most used benefits of aloe vera is natural sunburn relief. However, aloe is an amazing plant that has many more benefits!

In addition, you may already know that the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and even the food industries use this fantastic plant.

For one thing, it contains around 75 active ingredients, including vitamins A, C, E, B12, and choline.

Furthermore, aloe vera has antioxidant, ulcer healing, antiplaque, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal, anti halitosis, and antibacterial properties. (5, 6-9)

I should note, some people have bad reactions to using aloe vera externally or internally. If you’re allergic to aloe vera, don’t use it!

Creative Uses For Aloe Vera

Preserving Aloe Vera

Freezing Techniques

Of course, there are several different ways to preserve fresh aloe vera. The freezing method is one of the best ways to preserve aloe. This method preserves it indefinitely.

  • Freeze whole leaves – place whole leaves in the freezer.
  • Chop leaves into cubes, place them into ice trays and freeze.
  • Squeeze aloe gel into ice trays and freeze.

Don’t heat to defrost. Instead, leave it out at room temperature.
Moreover, you can use frozen gel cubes directly on a sunburn, no defrosting necessary.

Preserving Aloe With Refrigeration

Freezing might be the best method for preserving if you don’t plan to use the aloe for a while. However, refrigeration might be a good option too. Refrigerating aloe vera gel will help it keep for up to a week. After cutting a leaf, let it sit at room temperature for about a week. Or perhaps until it develops a scab over the open wound, then you can store whole leaves in the fridge.

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Benefits of Aloe Vera on Skin

Aloe has been found to reduce the redness of skin. (17)

Aloe Vera has the ability to increase the production of collagen. 11

Benefits of Aloe Vera

This has not been evaluated by the FDA to my knowledge and is not meant to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or disorders.

  • Reducing Dental Plaque – Studies have shown to work, just as well as some store-bought mouthwashes.
  • Hair loss – People might find aloe vera helpful when fighting hair loss. Mostly because of its properties which can include, many vitamins, amino acids, minerals like copper and zinc, plant steroids, and fatty acids.
  • Scalp Itch – Studies show aloe can help not only reduce scalp itch but also scales too. Which might also help reduce hair loss. (6–9)
  • Psoriasis – When dressed with aloe vera conditions improved in studies. (69) 3137 
  • Genital herpes infection – When people such as dressed the wound with aloe vera, conditions improved in studies. 3137  (69)
  • Cracked nipples – Helps to aid in healing, such as reducing pain and discharge in the area. 1,4,6,13-15 29,30
  • Skin ulcers – Aloe vera has been effective in the prevention of ulcers. 1,4,6,1315 12,38
  • Mouth Ulcers/Canker Sore – Studies have shown, that when a person applies an aloe vera patch to a mouth ulcer it reduces in size. (8)
  • Pressure ulcers – Aloe vera may provide some relief with a pressure ulcer.1,4,6,13-15 31-37 
  • Mouth sores 1,4,6,13-15
  • Bedsores 1,4,6,1315
  • Wound dressing – Studies show aloe vera reduced pain, bleeding, and recovery time in chronic wounds. Such as pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, chronic anal fissure wounds, chronic wounds caused by accidents, psoriasis, and genital herpes. 18 3137 

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Side Effects of Using Aloe Vera

Using aloe vera externally doesn’t usually cause side effects. However, some people reported side effects..

Allergic reactions – People who are also allergic to garlic, onions, and tulips, may also be allergic to aloe vera.

Contact dermatitis – It’s possible for a skin rash to appear after being in contact with aloe vera. In addition, if this happens you’ll want to aviod any further contact with aloe vera.

Phototoxicity – an irritation of the skin, similar to a severe sunburn.

Internal Effects of using aloe vera can be a little more severe.

Diarrhea, vomiting, electrolyte imbalances, colic and kidney issues, have been associated when using aloe vera internally. Many of these issues are rare.

In conclusion, aloe vera is very useful, and has many benefits!

What’s your favorite way to use aloe vera?

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