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Best Camping Gear on Amazon

Best Camping Gear On Amazon
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Marshmallow Roasting Sticks – We have to have s’mores right? Obviously, you can use some green sticks if you have a little bit of know-how. That is what we usually do, but I was able to review some of these roasting sticks and I approve of them. I love how they are extendable. I hate that I have to wash them though. Phooey!

Marshmallow-Hot Dog Roasting Sticks

Sold by Tapirus

A better way to roast marshmallows!


Extendable sticks – It’s very nice to have a long stick, so you can stay further away from the fire.
Durable and sturdy enough to roast hot dogs and other food items
Double prongs make roasting easier. Hot dogs can be poked by both prongs resulting in better cooking results.

Broken pieces – some reviewers say their sticks broke. I have this set and they’ve been fine for years. So IDK.
Washing isn’t fun or easy when you talk about marshmallows! You don’t have to wash sticks


Freeze Dried Beef Stew

Mountain House – Yum. Buying Mountain House products can help cut down on the food items you bring.

Mountain House Beef Stew

Sold by Mountain House

Perfect for making super easy meals while camping!


No artificial flavors or colors
Just add water
30-year taste guaranteed!
Easy & Quick – cooks in less than 10 minutes

Allergens – Wheat and soy
Potatoes – Too many potatoes


Freeze Dried Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast Skillet #10 Can

Sold by Mountain House

A delicious breakfast that’s super easy!


No artificial flavors or colors
Several ingredients
– hash browns. eggs, pork, peppers, and onions.
Just add water
30-year shelf life

Allergens – eggs, milk, wheat, soy
New Recipe? New look for Mountain House and breakfast skillet doesn’t taste the same.


Coleman’s Pop-up Trash Can – We used to use grocery bags, but that gets old really quick. It’s nice to have a travel-friendly trash can. Just remember not to put any food in it. A bear will destroy it!

Popup Trash Can

Sold by Coghlan’s

Keep trash picked up on the campsite easily!


Folds up
30-gallon trash
Recycle Version – also comes in a recycle version

Durability – The material is not as durable as someone would like it to be!
Not animal-proof – I suggest locking this in a vehicle away from the animals.



5 Gallon Water Carrier –  Get steel bottles and put those in the cooler, so you can still have cold water. These reusable materials are better for the environment than plastic water bottles.

Coldest Water Bottle

Sold by The Coldest Water

Keep liquid hot or cold in this bottle!


36 hours of cold water
13 hours of hot liquids (Yay hot coffee ALL DAY!)
It floats if not filled all the way up
Fits most cupholders
Stainless steel construction
No condensation

Three colors and nothing special about the design
Smearing paint – The letters tend to melt and can be messy.
36/13? Some reviewers complain that it doesn’t keep liquids cold for as long as they tout. I’ve never need cold liquid for 36 hours, but in my experience, it kept water cold for me a long time.


This collapsible water bottle is great for when you are hiking into your camp spot, and you don’t need heavy steel water bottles weighing you down.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Sold by Nomader

Tough and portable water bottle


Compact travel – rolls up for compact travel
Durable – made with silicone
Dishwasher safe
Freezer safe
Wide mouth

Brittle Carrying case
Lid hard to close for some


Personal Water Filter – If you run out of water, you’ll need, not want this product. I have one of these, and I would love to have several more!

Personal Water Filter by Sawyer

Sold by Amazon

Have good clean water anywhere you go!


Filters up to 396 gallons
Removes 99.99999% of harmful substances (pollution, odor, chlorine and organic chemicals, etc.) and improve the taste

Description Discrepancy – It seems many reviewers on Amazon report that they are getting a product different than advertised, used, etc…My suggestion confirm before you buy that you are getting a genuine Sawyer product


The Best Toiletries

Washing Laundry And Bathing

Want to wash your clothes on the go? Grab this wash bag. Yep, that’s right!

Washbag – Portable Laundry System

Sold by Scrubba

Wash your laundry while camping or hiking!


Travel size
5 steps
– it only takes 5 steps to wash your clothes
Minutes – takes only minutes to wash clothes

Expensive – It’s just a bag, and it’s on the more expensive side
Powdered detergents aren’t recommended. The liquid is best.
Small capacity


Microfiber towels – Might come in handy if there are showers or a creek where you’re camping. They’re lightweight and fold up small.

Microfiber Bath Towel Set

Sold by 4Monster

Great colors to tell other people’s towels apart!


Handy carrying case
Durable stitching

Small – these towels are on the small side
Debris easily attaches to any microfibre cloth
Difficult to fold so they fit into the carrying case


Camping toilet paper? – Yes! It degrades faster than regular toilet tissue. It will break down much faster than regular toilet tissue.

Biodegradable Toilet Tissue

Sold by Coghlan’s

Better for the environment!


Biodegradable – Better for the environment
Coreless rolls take up less space

Thin – Very thin material


Pee Devices

Ladies, I know you hate squatting in the bush. Pincone poking your buttcheeks. Maybe it’s the accidental squatted in a poison ivy patch? Grab one of these great stand up and pee urinals for women and you won’t have to deal with these issues ever again! These are pretty inexpensive and worth every penny!

This first one doesn’t have a cup to go with it. This pink urination device is perfect for peeing in the woods. If however, you’re trying to avoid public bathrooms while traveling, or want to simply pee in the tent during the middle of the night, so that you don’t walk up on a night creature, the next urinal is for you!

Female Urination Device

Sold by GoGirl

Stand up to pee and don’t get itchy butt!


Stand to pee
and germ resistant
Made in USA
a company ran by WOMEN!

Overflowing issues – It’s possible to overflow this device!


This blue urination device allows you to pee in the comfort of your own tent or your vehicle without having to tromp through the woods in the middle of the night and meet a giant bear! The cup part is extendable, so there’s plenty of room for a whole bunch of pee!

Collapsible Urinal


Great for road trips!


Pee container – The container allows you to pee discreetly in your vehicle or tent.
Easy to clean
Unisex – adults, kids, men, and women can use this device.

Leaking – some ladies have issues getting this device in the correct position and end up leaking pee everywhere.


Hanging Toiletry Bag – Perfect for holding your toothpaste & toothbrushes, and other bathroom supplies…

Hanging Toiletry Bag

Sold by CozyCabin

It’s nice to set up a bathroom area where everyone can brush their teeth and put on deodorant!


Multiple pockets
Hangs up
for easy access

Small – A little on the small size but great for camping.


A portable toilet can help you avoid poison ivy on your behind.

Travel Toilet

Sold by Camco

The best way to avoid peeing in the woods!


No smell!

No waste hose – This product should come with a waste hose to pump to the dumpsite.


Best Tents

Tent – 8 person INSTANT tent. This is the tent we have and we love it. It goes up quickly, but like most tents, it’s a pain in you know what to put back in the bag… Also, buy the rainfly here.

Coleman 8 Person Tent | Instant Tent

Sold by Coleman

For a big tent it goes up pretty easy!


Easy Setup
Made in USA
Screened in porch
Large tent
– big enough for the whole family
Stand up room – It’s 6.7 ft tall in the center.

Small Carrying Case – The carrying bag is too small and the tent is impossible to fold back up small enough to put back in the bag.
No replacement parts
Plastic parts
tend to break after several uses


Some might say this is a glamping tent, and it may be a step up from the normal tents, but I like it! Now, only if I could afford the dern thing…

Cotton Canvas Tent | Yurt Style Tent


This tent has some really great pros! It comes in 3 different sizes!


Durable Fabric – Army Duck Canvas is water, mildew, and UV resistant
Fire retardant finish on the fabric
Keep warm and cook inside the tent! The tent comes with a stove jack. You can optionally instill a little wood stove to
Gear storage – there is two large storage area with multiple pockets.
Easy setup – This tent is surprisingly easy to set up!
Good Ventilation – 2+ windows, 2 peak vents, and the large door.

More hooks – Needs more hooks to hang lights and gear
The floor is sewn in and not removable


Here’s another great canvas tent made by WHITEDUCK. It’s a 6-8 person, 4 season tent. With many of the same bells and whistle of the yurt style tent, just in a more traditional design. I’m adding these to the best camping gear on Amazon list because these are really great tents.

Cabin Style Tent


Many great features perfect for a family camping trip!


Heat resistant roof – The roof also blocks out sunlight so you don’t get blinded by the bright sun in the morning.
Durable fabric – This tent is made of durable cotton canvas.
Mold resistant plus its also mildew, water, and UV resistant fabric
Standing room – The ceiling height is 6.6 ft.
Heavy-duty frame
Quick setup
Large windows

Wall pitch – The walls pitch inward, giving less room to move around even though the ceiling is tall.


Best Sleeping Bags And Other Sleeping Accessories

Sleeping bag – You’ll love the colors and the chevron pattern on this sleeping bag.

4 Seasons Sleeping Bag

Sold by HiHiker

Love the colors, and it warm but not too hot!


Pillow included
Compression capable
4 seasons – This sleeping bag is rated for 4 seasons

Zipper breaking – There is an issue with the zippers breaking on these from time to time.
Small Leg Room


I have a couple of lightweight double sleeping bags. They work great for the fall weather in Florida. It’s pretty warm here most of the time. The kids don’t mind sharing, plus it cost less to buy 2 of these instead of separate bags for everyone!

3 Season Double Sleeping Bag

Sold by oaskys

A comfy bag that sleeps 2 adults of 3 small kids!


3 Seasons
Bottom Zipper
– Cool down your hot feet and unzip the bottom zipper!
Compression sack
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Zippers not high quality and tend to break
Inferior stitching – Quality stitching can go a long way in a durable product. This product doesn’t seem to have great stitching.


I’ve had to break this post up into several pages. It’s take a lot of bandwidth with such a long post. Please click the green button to continue looking at the best camping gear on Amazon!

Best Camping Gear on Amazon

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