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Best Camping Gear on Amazon

Best Camping Gear On Amazon
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This sleeping bag liner is not only cute but dirt-proof & compact!

Sleeping Bag Liner

Sold by JUISEE

Sleeping bag liners are great product that can help you keep your sleeping bag clean!


Large pillow pocket – for a regular-sized pillow.
Compact – folds up small
Handy carrying case
Machine washable

Small – The sizing seems to run on the small size.
Pillow pocket – Some say there is no pillow pocket on the product they received.


Wool Blankets – If you are camping when it’s cold outside, a wool blanket is a must!

80% Wool Blanket

Sold y Ever Ready First Aid

It’s hard to find a 100% wool blanket this about as close as it gets.


Fire retardant
Cold Weather approved
– wool blankets are great for cold weather.
Large – This blanket is around 7 feet long!

Only 80% wool
– With many wool blends shedding can be an issue.


Memory Foam Camping Pillow – Forget the inflatable pillows! I can’t stand to sleep on those. Memory foam is where it’s at!

Memory Foam Travel-Sized Pillow

Sold by Coop Home Goods

A great travel pillow, not too small and not too big for traveling!


Compact – Rolls up easy, and comes with a sack.
Supportive of neck
Easy to clean

Smelly – foam often time does not smell great and needs to be aired out.
Heavy & large – If backpacking this isn’t very practical.


Air Mattress – If you’re anything like my husband you must have an air mattress!

Inflatable Air Mattress

Sold by Intex

When you just can’t sleep on the ground, you’ll need a nice air mattress.


Handy Carry Bag
Quick setup
– It only takes about 4 minutes to pump up.
Sheet friendly – You can actually place sheets on this mattress
True bed height – makes for a more comfortable sleep.

Inflation issues – After a full night of sleep half of the air is gone for some users.


Sleeping Pad – Instead of using an air mattress, you can use one of these!

Inflatable Sleeping Pad

Sold by WELLAX

A great alternative to an air mattress!


Built-in Pillow
Self-inflating technology

Not machine washable

Seams are weak and tend to tear


Microfiber Blanket – You can just bring blankets from home, or you can get one of these special microfiber blankets. They don’t take up much space and are very lightweight!

I bought three of these one for each of my children. The kids shared a double sleeping bag. They mostly slept on top of it and had their own blanket.

Microfiber Blanket

Sold by Utopia

Nice blanket, perfect for fall camping weather.


Machine washable
Several colors
to choose from
Multiple sizes to choose from

Cheaper quality – This is an inexpensive blanket and you get what you pay for. However, it’s nice enough to last for several years.
Inferior fabric gets rough after many washes


Fun and Essential Lighting

Flashlight – I have one of these Streamlights and they are awesome! Not just any flashlight will do. You need something that can cut through the tree line or light up the tree. 

A small cheap flashlight is fine when you are indoors, but outside there is so much more depth, it takes a powerful flashlight to cut through all that darkness.

It also has the option of strobe lighting. In addition, it has 3 different light settings, high, medium, and low.

Streamlight LED Flashlight

Sold by Streamlight

If you want a super bright flashlight this is the one to have!


800 Lumens – means the light will cut through the woods. (lumens will depend on the model you purchase)
Dual Switches
(1 meter) for the clumsy.

Expensive – Great quality for your buck though!
Heavy – depending on the model you buy. The one I chose is fairly lightweight.


Portable LED Camping Lantern with Ceiling Fan – I love the idea of having a fan. Sometimes when we camp it is hot, and the air in the tent is stuffy and gross.

LED Camping Lantern and Fan

Sold by Odoland


Fan – The fan is great for those warmer nights and can last 2 or 3 nights.
Adjustable fan – You can point the fan where you’d like it to blow.

Noise – It’s not loud, but the fan does put out a little bit of noise.
Small fan – A small fan like this isn’t going to work well in a large tent.
Dim lighting – This is not a super bright light.


LED Camping Lanterns 4 Pack

Sold by Vont

If you plan to pee in the woods in the middle of the night take one of these!


30-hours run time
360º light

30 LED bulbs

140 lumens – Not super bright.
Inexpensive and not high quality.


Miscellaneous | Best Camping Gear on Amazon

Axe – It never fails, you’ll always need a couple of blades when camping. Especially, if you’re going off the beaten track.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t really locate an axe with great reviews. The bad reviews of the blades breaking outweigh all the good review for me.

I’ve included one review summary of a higher-end hatchet, but the bad reviews are pretty terrible! So weigh your options.

Camping Hatchet

Sold by Estwing

A good hatchet for chopping firewood while camping.


Heavy-duty sheath
Leather grip
Made in the USA

Poor Craftsmanship seems to be suffering. Many people complaining about blades being defective.


Tarp – Tarps can come in handy for many things.

Multipurpose Tarp

Sold by Xpose Safety

This is an thick tarp great for camping.


Durable – 12 mil thick
Rustproof grommets
Color Variety

Tear-resistant technology is not great. There are many complaints about the tarp ripping.
Grommets may separate from the fabric.


First Aid Kit – I love all of the handy labels inside. Being able to find a particular item during an emergency is really important. I love the organization and variety this bag provides. The same company has bigger first aid kits too!

First Aid Kit

Sold by Surviveware

A great kit with a good amount of supplies!


Water-resistant carrying case
Organization – Supply pockets are labeled for easy find and seek.
FSA & HSA approved
MOLLE compatible straps

Expensive for the quantity and quality.
Small and not packed with supplies for serious emergencies.


Portable Charger – Charge your cell phone and other devices while camping. I like to disconnect when I go camping, but for emergencies, I want to have a charged cell phone. Plus, sometimes it’s nice to use for music!

Portable Solar Charger For Phones And More!

Sold by BLAVOR

Power your phone and other devices with solar power while camping!


Wireless cell phone charging capabilities
10,000 mAh power bank
Solar and electric capabilities

Solar-powered? Description literally says it’s difficult to harness solar power and it’s best to use the USB to charge this device instead.

NOTE: Many of these portable chargers have similar complaints about holding a charge and not charging in the sun even within a 10-hour window.


For a colorful fire, grab a couple packs of these…

Rainbow Colored Flames

Sold by Magical Flames

Cool colorful flames for your campfire!


Indoors and outdoors usage – You can even use this in fireplaces indoors!
Easy to use – simply toss unopened pouch in the fire.

Duds? Some not creating colorful flames and some only creating color for a few minutes, not the suggested 1 hour in the description


Camp Clothes & Accessories

The perfect shirt for an awesome weekend! Or take a look at a whole bunch of cute shirts perfect for camping.

Put that camp hair under a cute hat.

Sometimes I prefer a simple headband. It keeps my hair out of my face, catches some of that sweat, and it looks super cute.

Here’s a Happy Camper Hat

Super Cute Water Shoes for Men & Women

Check out my Chicken and Quinoa Camp Soup
Plus, How to Store Camping Gear

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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