Best Cast Iron Cookware For The Homestead Kitchen
Best Cast Iron Cookware

Best Cast Iron Cookware For The Homestead Kitchen

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Why is cast iron so popular in homestead kitchens? The Best Cast Iron Cookware is popular because it’s durable, enriches food with iron, and because you can use it on a stovetop, in an oven, and even over a campfire!

Seriously, how could you not LOVE cooking in cast iron? A well-seasoned cast iron pan is naturally non-stick, it’s pretty easy to care for, and should last for a LONG time. Not to mention food just seems to taste better in cast iron!

Ready to get started? Let’s check out the Best Cast Iron Cookware!

There are several great brands out there that can rival with the quality of Lodge, but usually not the price. Lodge overall is the best quality and price and it’s the brand I recommend.

Best Cast Iron Cookware


One of my favorites. I have a big family I cook for and having a huge skillet I can cook in really makes a difference! The thing I make the most in this is my famous fajitas! The biggest skillet is about 15″ and it’s big enough to cook large amounts of food. If you have a smaller family, you might want to check out the 12″ skillet, or the 10.25″ skillet or 8″ skillet.

best cast iron cookware best cast iron cookware

This is a 10.25″ or a 12″ skillet that comes with a cleaning brush!

best cast iron cookware

This 10.25″ skillet is another one of my top favorites. I can make just about anything in this bad boy!

best cast iron cookware

This 8″ skillet is perfect for cooking ground beef. It has those great pouring lips built-in. You can cook all kinds of stuff with this skillet though.

Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are one of the most popular cast iron cookware. The Dutch oven is great for cooking over a fire or even in the oven. Check out my list of Dutch oven recipes!

best cast iron cookware

This Dutch oven can old 5 quarts, has loop handles. You can cook in the lid too. Use it to sauté vegetables for example.

best cast iron cookware

This 10.25″ pre-seasoned cast iron pan from Lodge is a 2 piece. This Dutch oven is a little different because it features a long handle, instead of the loop handles. Additionally, the lid can double as a skillet!

best cast iron cookware

This Deep Camp Dutch Oven, 8 Quart is a giant! My Instant pot is 8 quarts! It’s really big, and I love it! Feeding three teen boys means cooking a ton of food!

best cast iron cookware

Save a little bit on cleaning time with these aluminum foil Dutch oven liners. I’ve never used these, but if you’re in a pinch, can’t clean your Dutch oven right after you use it, this could help.

Dessert/Cornbread Pans

best cast iron cookware

This cake pan is perfect for making cake (of course) but also cupcakes, cornbread muffins, biscuits, muffins, and desserts.

I’m sharing these muffins pans because they are a little bit deeper. Depending on what you like to make, these might suit your needs better.

This cornbread pan makes the perfect slices of cornbread!

These oval pans are fun for making desserts or appetizers!


One of my other favorite pans. When you cook breakfast for a whole bunch of hungry boys, you reach for the griddle! I can cook eggs, bacon, hash browns, and more on the griddle!

This reversible griddle is perfect for cooking breakfast either over a fire or even on the grill! Cook more at one time, and save some time!

best cast iron cookware

This 10.5″ griddle can be used on all cooking surfaces, even grills and campfires!

Pizza Pan

best cast iron cookware

Love a crispy crust on pizza? Grab this pizza pan, and cook a perfect pizza every time!

Loaf Pan

best cast iron cookware

best cast iron cookware

This is a 7-quart oval Dutch oven. It’s perfect for cooking casseroles.

best cast iron cookware

Enamel coated trivet – Need a place to hold a hot skillet? Note: I have a cast iron trivet, but my cast iron pan is so hot after using it, that I place a towel down under the trivet so it doesn’t melt the countertop! Yes, it’s that hot!

Enameled Cast Iron

best cast iron cookware

7.5 Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven – Another gorgeous enameled pan, this one is much bigger!

best cast iron cookware

Square panini press – We love making hot sandwiches. For a few years, I actually had an electric panini press and we used it just about every day. It was the perfect way to defrost my homemade sandwich bread and make tasty delicious sandwiches!

Unique Cast Iron Cookware

best cast iron cookware

Five-piece cast iron kit – They call the bottom part a Wok, and the top part a griddle. If you look at all of the pictures in the link you’ll see that they even use the griddle to cook a pizza! These possibilities with this unique pan are endless!

best cast iron cookware

This 9 inch mini Wok is perfect for sautéing veggies and meat for stir fry!

Lodge Cast Iron Sets

Or you can grab a set that comes with a Dutch oven, 2 skillets, and a round griddle.

The second set feature is a set of 3 skillets. There is 12, 10.25 and 8 inch skillet in this set.

best cast iron cookware best cast iron cookware best cast iron cookware

Best Accessories For The Best Cast Iron Cookware

The Lodge Cookstand is made to stand right in the fire. It fits most of the Lodge cookware. This stand can turn your fire pit into an outdoor kitchen!

Cast Iron Scrub Brush – These make cleaning up a little bit easier.

Silicone Skillet Handle – These will protect your skin from the heat on the handle of a skillet.

Silicone Dutch Oven Handle – Dutch ovens can be hard to pick up when they are hot, but these silicone handles really do help!

Dutch Oven Tote Bag – Take your Dutch oven to-go, with this awesome tote bag!

Cloth Handle Covers – If you don’t like the look of the silicone handles, you might like something like this instead.

Cast Iron Grill Press – Or better known as a bacon press. Keep bacon flat while frying it.

Pan Scrapers – I use these the most when cleaning and find them extremely helpful in removing stubborn food particles.

Use this Dutch oven tool to help you carefully lift a hot lid, or for a careful resting spot of a Dutch oven lid.

Make lid living easy as pie! Using this Lodge lid lifter is perfect for using with Dutch oven pans.

Learn how to properly clean your cast iron with tips straight from Lodge themselves!


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