Top 10 Best Edibles To Grow Inside

Top 10 Best Edibles To Grow Inside

Top 10 Best Edibles to Grow Inside
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If you just can’t wait until the ground defrosts, or you just want to have some plants growing inside, check out this great list of the best edibles to grow inside. First pick a sunny area in your home, such as in the windowsill or a sunroom. Then, use this list to decide which plants you might want to grow inside. As for containers, try to find something you can recycle such as an old coffee can. Some of these plants will need a hanging basket.

Best Edibles to Grow Inside

1. Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes are a great variety to grow indoors. The best way to do this is to grab an upside-down planter (like this beauty photo below.) Place tomatoes in the sunniest area of your home. If you have a sunroom that would be a perfect place for this planter. If you are starting by seed, use a seed tray or a small container to start with, and when the seedlings have about 5 leaves it is ready to transplant. If you don’t have enough lighting in your home, you can always provide extra special lighting for the best edibles to grow inside.

best edibles to grow inside

2. Bell Peppers

Peppers will perform well in rich, well-draining potting mix. It will need a good amount of lighting. Clip the growing tips to help encourage a more bushy type of growth. This bushy growth will promote better fruition.

3. Potatoes

You will need a grow bag (like this). I like these grow bags because they have a little “door” that is helpful when growing potatoes. Plus, they can be used indoors or outdoors, and they are reusable. Fill these grow bags with a quality potting mix. Make sure potatoes get about 5-6 hours of sunlight a day.

4. Carrots

Those grow bags I was talking about… You can use them for carrots too. You can also choose to grow round carrots (see picture below) in a small planter or recycled coffee can. Carrots need loose, well-draining soil. Make sure carrots receive ample sunlight. Carrots also like the cooler temperatures, so keep that in mind when growing them.

best edibles to grow inside

5. Beans

Your beans will grow well in a gorgeous hanging planter (like this one). If you get runners, they will run up the ropes, allowing for a beautiful display of nature at its best! With enough light beans and peas will produce well indoors. Bush beans are a wonderful variety to work with when growing indoors.

6. Radishes

In a little as 25 days, you could have beautiful and delicious radishes. Radish seeds will benefit from a mixture of well-draining soil and compost. Cover with paper until sprouts appear. When the first leaf blesses you with its presence, put the seed tray out in a sunny area. If you are not very fond of radishes then I’m guessing you’ve never tried them fermented, or in my kale salad recipe.

7. Scallions

Scallions are one of the easy regrow plants. If you buy some at the store, you can place the unused ends in some soil for them to grow again, and again. Just cut what you need, and let it grow back again. You can also buy just the bulbs or seeds to grow. Grab a cute little windowsill planter and they will look great in the kitchen window! Use well-draining soil with frequent waterings.

8. Mint

I started growing mint in the windowsill this year. Every time I open the kitchen curtain in the morning, I get a lovely whiff of delicious mint! It’s one of my favorite things. I love to pinch off a leaf or two and make some all-natural tea in the morning. Mint prefers the shade. My kitchen windows rarely get direct sun and is the perfect spot for it. You can start your mint from seed, or buy a plant from your local nursery. Your mint will love rich moist soil. I usually add a bit of water to the dish it sits on, and let it take what it needs.

9. Oregano

Oregano is one of the easiest plants I’ve ever had the pleasure of growing. I’ve used and abused that plant, and it just keeps growing bigger and bigger. Mine is outside, but it’s easy enough to grow it inside as well. These plants will enjoy those morning sun hours and will thrive in the warmth indoors. Oregano will do best in well-draining soil. Water it about once a week.

10. Lettuce

Growing lettuce is one of my favorite things. I just love cutting a piece to place freshly on a sandwich for lunch. There are several types of lettuce or greens that you can grow indoors, but loose-leaf is best. That way you can cut a piece when you need it.  Lettuce will enjoy around 3-4 hours of sunlight a day. Check out how to grow lettuce in a sphere!

Which of these best edibles to grow inside are you thinking about growing?

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  1. Hello here’s a trick for indoor peppers and tomatoes. About. August get a few good size pots start some tomatoes and peppers outside and in the fall bring them in they will start producing around Christmas this is a good treat. To keep you happy when your cooped up in the winter

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