Can Chickens Eat Apples? Do Apples Make Good Treats?

Can Chickens Eat Apples? Do Apples Make Good Treats?

Can Chickens Eat Apples
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If you have chickens, you probably already know that they make pretty good garbage disposals. They eat almost everything in sight. Understanding what chickens can and cannot eat can be a little tricky. Today we’re going to focus on apples. Can chickens eat apples?

Giving Chickens Treats Like Apples

Giving chickens treats can be a great way to entertain or distract them, especially when tension is high, while you’re adding chickens to your flock.

However, giving too many treats can actually hurt your chickens. They need a special amount of nutrients each day.

To interrupt their diet, could make them more susceptible to disease and other sicknesses.

The most important thing to remember is to give small amounts of treats and to give the proper amounts of feed each day.

Can Chickens Eat Apples?

Typically, chickens can eat a huge variety of fruits and veggies.

Chickens enjoy eating apples. They like eating the flesh, and even the skin and core of the apple.

However, apple seeds can contain cyanide. Although the University of Florida says that there is not enough cyanide to kill.

Chickens sometimes know what they should avoid. I’ve heard of chickens being kept under an apple tree and eating the apples with no problems, and they typically don’t try to eat the apple seeds.

However, when I first got my chickens, they literally ate styrofoam.

So…I try to avoid giving them stuff I know they shouldn’t eat because just like us hoomans, sometimes they don’t use their brains.

Apples can provide a few useful vitamins and nutrients to chickens. They obviously aren’t high in protein, which is one of the main components of their diet. So apple treats should be kept to a minimum, so as to not “spoil their dinner”.

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Homemade Chicken Treat Ideas Using Apples

Apple Kabob – You can use a fishing line and a blunt needle (used in crafts like crochet) to make this. You can add other fun foods to this kabob, like pumpkin, lettuce, pineapple, pears, zucchini, cranberries, grapes, etc…

Applesauce – Yes, you can give them applesauce. My chicken pecking block actually has some applesauce in it.


So can chickens eat apples?

Yes, they can.

Chickens can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, apples included. The skin, flesh, and even the core are edible for chickens. The seeds, however should be avoided since they contain cyanide.

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