Can Chickens Eat Celery? | Do Chickens Even Like Celery?

Can Chickens Eat Celery?

Can chickens eat celery
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Backyard chicken keepers may ask themselves, can chickens eat celery? Chickens practically eat everything you throw at them. I’ve heard other chicken keepers call them garbage disposals. I’ve seen them take food out of my kid’s hand! They have no shame!

My chickens are giant goobers. We often call them stoopid chickens. That’s the saying around here. Yes, I realize I spelled stupid incorrectly. It’s spelled that way for extra emphasis!

My chickens actually ate some styrofoam. Yes, styrofoam! Early in our chicken keeping journey, we ordered a stoopid chicken coop online (seriously it fell apart in 6 months). It was delivered and was packed with styrofoam. We unboxed it outside and started putting it together.

I looked over and saw the stoopid chickens pecking at the styrofoam. We quickly ran over and picked it all up. I was so new to chicken keeping I thought the chickens would die. Talk about a worried chicken mom. Just so you know, the chickens didn’t eat very much of it and suffered no ill effects.

By the way, after that idiotic chicken coop fell apart we built a few more chicken coops. Not only did we build chicken coops but we recycled and reused items just laying around the homestead. Check out the horse trailer chicken coop and the truck topper chicken coop!

Natural Instinct?

Chickens eat a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, and even meat! Sometimes it’s hard for us chicken keepers know what they can and cannot eat. However, chickens are pretty good at detecting what is edible and what is not. Obviously, this instinct is not always on point, hence the styrofoam eating!

For example, each spring we see a whole bunch of Eastern Lubbers on the homestead, which is the largest grasshopper known to North America. In the spring they are small, black, with a yellow or orange stripe down their backs. The lubbers have the ability to release a foamy toxin behind its hindquarters. Chickens smell this toxin, and understand that this is a FOE and not an edible treat!

I hate that the chickens won’t eat the lubbers, because when I find them grazing in my garden, I have to kill them. I’d rather they serve a purpose like feeding the chickens. Le sigh*

Can Chickens Eat Celery?

Now for the question at hand! Can chickens eat celery? Why yes, yes they can! Celery is a fairly nutritious treat for chickens. Celery provides many nutrients and vitamins that chickens need to function properly.

Celery is very stringy and fibrous. For that reason, I suggest you cut up celery into tiny pieces. Chickens don’t have teeth. They grind their food in what’s called the gizzard, using other hard materials like sand or grit.

This isn’t the first place that food goes to though. The first stop after the esophagus is the crop. The crop is basically a storage area for food. The crop area can become impacted, or soured due to several different reasons. Eating too much of one food item, or not eating enough grit can cause such issues.

The last thing you want to deal with is crop issues! Make sure your chickens have access to chicken grit or sand. There’s another super important question I’d like to address below. I think you’ll find that it’s a pretty important one!

Do Chickens Even Like Celery?

This is huge! Chickens may not like celery. The girls on the bottom of the pecking order might eat it, however, it’s doesn’t seem to be their favorite treat.

If that’s all your handing out, they may eat it just for kicks. However, they might just walk away, like “Seriously lady, that’s not even food.” It may just be left behind and forgotten about forever by the chickens…

One trick you can use to get your chickens to eat celery is to chop it up and add it to other delicious treats they love.

Chickens love lettuce. In particular, my chickens will gobble up some romaine. Thank goodness they cannot get in the garden!

So prepare the chickens a little salad and see if they’ll eat the celery. If not, save the celery for the compost or to make homemade vegetable broth!

You could also try mashing it up with other fan favorite foods. Chickens love corn and peas. If you blended them all together, they will certainly enjoy and gobble up the entire dish!

Is Celery Good For Chickens?

Celery provides a few healthy nutrients to chickens. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is made with 95% water.

  • Riboflavin – is a great source of vitamin b complex
  • Calcium – chickens need calcium to make strong eggshells
  • Vitamins K – provides chickens a protective effect against coccidiosis.
  • Vitamin A – is necessary for healthy growth, replication, and also the support of epithelial cells.
  • Vitamin C – chickens are capable of making vitamin c. So they don’t usually need extra Vit-C in their diet. However, extra Vit-C is nice when the birds are stressed.

Feed Chickens Celery In Moderation

It’s important to note that chickens are small creatures. Obviously, a well-balanced diet is very important.

Chickens need a high protein diet. In addition to this laying hens need a good bit of calcium to help them develop those eggs and make the eggshells strong!

Chicken can eat celery and other kitchen scraps in moderation. Likewise, their main meals should be commercial feed and foraging for bugs and other plants.

If you give chickens too many kitchen scraps, they might not get enough protein and other nutrients. With this in mind, chickens are like kids, they are happy to eat junk food all day long. Similarly, they don’t mind ruining their dinner with an entire loaf of bread!

So, be a smart chicken keeper and keep the treats to a minimum!

Read What Do Chickens Eat (and what they don’t) to learn more about feeding your chickens!

In Summary

Chickens can eat celery. Do they want to eat it? Er uh, probably not. However, there are a few tricks that I shared in this post to get chickens to eat celery.

Celery is good for a chicken’s diet, but like all things only in moderation! Celery can provide a great many vitamins and nutrients that are great for chickens.

I’m curious, have YOU ever given your chickens celery? Did they like it? Also, have your chickens ever eaten something as silly as styrofoam?

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