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Many of us homeschoolers are learning all year long. I don’t know about you but we buy school supplies more than just once a year. Back to school time is usually when you can find the best prices, but sometimes I need school supplies or craft supplies in December. That’s when I turn to the Dollar Tree homeschool supplies. They also have plenty of craft supplies!

42 Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies List

  1. Reward stickers
  2. Chore Charts
  3. Table name labels – these have cool things on them like a ruler, a multiplication chart, and more!
  4. Books
  5. Reward prizes – There are many small toys that you could use as a reward. Find some of them in the birthday party area. Usually, these would be given out for guests at a birthday party, but why not use them to play a game and offer a little reward. Like give them out while playing with flashcards My boys love to do this!
  6. Timed Worksheets
  7. Coloring books
  8. Posters – Great for projects like, lap books, crafts, science projects and more!
  9. Also, they have big poster boards – Great for making a sign like for yard sales. Yard sales can be great for teaching children money, selling, and reducing clutter.
  10. Multiplication flashcards
  11. Addition flashcards
  12. Subtraction flashcards
  13. Color/Number flashcards
  14. ABC flashcards
  15. Composition notebooks – Great idea for a daily diary for the kids. I have my boys write spelling words every day, and write a short story.
  16. Markers
  17. Pens
  18. Pencils
  19. Kid scissors
  20. Permanent markers
  21. Stapler/staples
  22. Tape
  23. Erasers
  24. Whiteout
  25. Glue
  26. Calculator
  27. Construction paper
  28. Glitter – Put it on everything, make life sparkle as it should… Just kidding, it is great for crafts of course. 😉
  29. Magnifying glass
  30. Math dice
  31. Handwriting paper
  32. Paint/Brushes
  33. Drawing paper
  34. Dry erase markers
  35. Scrapbooking paper
  36. Die-cut letters
  37. Kitchen timer
  38. Alphabet wall hangers
  39. Word stripes, printed and plain
  40. State Wall hangers
  41. Beads
  42. Index cards/holders

I recently found a new item at the Dollar Tree (2018). It’s a large map of the USA. I’d say it’s probably 4′ x 3′. It’s very nice for the price I have to say. It’s bigger than any other map, that I’ve gotten my hands on.

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We have this great little craft thrift store here. We can get cheap supplies there too. I think the idea is genius! It gives us a place to donate old crafting materials we may not need. Also, the school and offices in our town found it is a useful place to drop off their old books and folders and other office supplies. Which is great for homeschoolers like us! I’ve gotten many books really cheap this way. I like reading textbooks, I know I am kinda weird like that, but it works out because I am homeschooling three boys so…

Anyhow,  make sure to check the crafts, birthday, office supplies, and a resource section for other cool supplies at the Dollar Tree! Some stores carry different items and it may change depending on the season. You might find some really cool items that they didn’t have in my store! If you find something cool not listed here please comment and let me know.

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Are you in need of school supplies? Check out what you can get at the dollar tree. This is a great list of 42 Dollar Tree Homeschool Supplies.