Chicken Coop Inspiration For Building or Buying a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Inspiration For Building or Buying a Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Inspiration
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I found all kinds of images to help inspire your next chicken coop. Whether you’re building or buying, I hope this post sparks your inner creativity and really gets the gears moving.

There are many different ways to make a chicken coop. I want to help you find what you want in a chicken coop so that you’ll be happy with the end result. You can also check out Chicken Coop Tour for a list of things to remember when building a coop…Stuff like easy to clean, etc…

Before we begin, I want to tell you there are links below the images or you can click on the images themselves to take you to the blog post. Some of the images don’t have a blog post or article that they go with.

Chicken Coop Inspiration

When my husband and I were thinking of building our own chicken coop, we looked at images all across the web for inspiration. We finally decided to upcycle an old horse trailer and turn it into a chicken coop. We knew there was one in the woods that we are free to use for whatever…So we did!

Recycled Materials: Chicken Coop Inspiration

This horse trailer was a pain in the butt. Nothing about it was square. Every single measurement was weird. IDK but this thing may have been homemade?! You can see more images of this beauty from beginning to end…In the Horse Trailer Chicken Coop Post!

Horse Trailer Chicken Coop before

We thought it would save us a ton of money, basically already having a frame by using the horse trailer. It ended up being way more money than either of us thought it would be in the end but totally worth it at the same time. You can see the progress in the images in this video.

Horse Trailer Chicken Coop

Truck Topper Chicken Coop Inspiration

The second coop that we built, we used a truck topper. It was lying around in the woods, so we used the truck topper as a roof! It’s pretty cool and the chickens love it. To see more pictures of this and the horse trailer check out Chicken Coop Tour or check out the Truck Topper Chicken Coop Page

Truck Topper Chicken Coop

Lady Lee built a fairly large chicken coop out of pallets! Go on over to see just how she did it! This is pretty cool because if you can get some free pallets, it would be so cheap!

I can’t believe this is a playhouse! At first glance, I just thought it was a super cute design. I like the idea of just emptying the wood chips and poop and spraying the thing down to clean it!!

I should have asked about this one…It looks like they’ve used some recycled materials…Perhaps the window? I’m not sure. It reminds me of a camper for some reason, but I know it looks like it’s mostly made of wood.

I will say I love that there is some greenery growing on the side. This would be a great opportunity to grow food for your chickens!

Chicken Coops Probably Built With New Materials

This little yellow chicken coop is just darling! I love the nesting box, and that it includes a window. It does look tiny though. One mistake new chicken keepers make is getting or making a small coop!

Straight from the SSL Family Farm, this cute little brown coop with a slant roof. They are offering free plans to make this lovely chicken coop!

I love this little blue coop. There are plenty of images in this post for inspiration! This looks like a great design, my worry would be water runoff. I sure hope they have drains!

That white picket fence though… Seriously this is so cute. This coop is a little on the small side and so is the run. Give your girls plenty of room to play! You don’t want poop build-up in a small area…It will stink!

Take a tour of Fresh Eggs Daily‘s amazing chicken coop! Or look at how she built her rather large chicken run! Now this is a chicken coop! The run is huge, and so is the chicken coop. I love the colors and the human-sized double doors. That must be super easy to clean! This design would take some serious money to build.

Definitely A Favorite!

Be still my heart. This might be my favorite. I love the little chicken window on the door. This is a good size chicken coop and should be fairly easy to clean!

I love the curtain added on the front of the chicken run. Simplistic and lovely design.

So Well Built!

The only thing this chicken coop is missing is maybe a nice chicken run!

I’m loving the corbel on this chicken coop. If you don’t know what corbel is you’re not watching enough of Joanna Gaines!

Spaceship Chicken Coop Inspiration

What a unique chicken coop. It’s tiny but perfect if you only need a couple of hens!

Simple Designs…

A frame are pretty simple to make. I do suggest painting any bare wood as it will warp and wear with the weather…

Check out this large mobile chicken coop! If you have a lot of land for chickens to graze a mobile coop is awesome! This looks a little difficult to get in and out of to clean though.

Chicken Coop Images From Flickr

These images don’t have a blog post to go with them…

I like that you can open the double doors for easy cleaning!

double doors

Attribution: glass.dimly License (No Modifications)

Great ventilation And Super Cute!

Love the blue attributes. The run could be a little bigger and maybe a bigger door for easy clean out…

blue trim chicken coop

Attribution: rebecca.shiraev@sbcglobal License (No Modifications)

It reminds me of a little yellow baby chick!

yellow coop

Attribution: Sarah and Jason License (No Modifications)

The Most Beautiful Chicken Coop Award Goes To…

Oh heaven. This is so beautiful, I want to live in it. Tiny house anyone? I love the fact that it has a light…The nesting boxes are perfect and those roosting bars are amazing. This coop is a very nice size! There are two more photos below!!!

inside beautiful coop

Attribution: 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia License (No Modifications)

Isn’t it fantastic? What a unique design. You probably won’t see this again anywhere else!

beautiful coop

Attribution: 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia License (No Modifications)

I’d be okay with that garden setup too! I love how the coop is nestled in there and it’s just as pretty as it can be! A metal roof should last them a long time and help protect all that wood…

beautiful coop

Attribution: 準建築人手札網站 Forgemind ArchiMedia License (No Modifications)

Cool Roof Design

We thought about using those panels for a roof when we were contemplating the design of our coop…I think this one turned out really nice. The chicken run could be a little bigger and maybe a door? I don’t see one, but there may be one I can’t see…

modern coop

Attribution: Leslie Seaton License (No Modifications)

This is a cute design and I love the little herb garden on the side there…Where oh where are the nesting boxes though?

red and green trim

Attribution: J License (No Modifications)

Sweet little coop in the winter. It doesn’t look like a coop! I wonder what it looks like inside!

winter coop

Attribution: Mike James License (No Modifications)

How cute is this? This isn’t the best picture…But I love the shingles on the side and the fact that it has a real door on it. That’s pretty cool and makes it easier to clean out for sure!

This one has shingles

Attribution: VirtKitty License (No Modifications)

I like chicken coops design with the runs attached. There’s probably less chance of the chickens escaping with this design…Especially having a roof. I have a few escape artists since our run doesn’t have a roof. You’d think 8-foot fences would do the trick but NOPE!

coop with run

Attribution: Intel Free Press License (No Modifications)

I think a couple of hens would be happy in this little coop.

cute rooster

Attribution: Joe Hoover License (No Modifications)

Here are a few more coops to check out…

How awesome is that roof? I can imagine that the chickens probably love climbing on that roof and singing the egg song!

grass roof

Attribution: Jennifer Boyer License (No Modifications)

Here are a few more weird designs…

Prefab Chicken Coops Are A No…No!

This looks like a prefab coop. I wouldn’t buy a prefab one, just because they are the worst quality…Thinnest wood…Mine lasted about 6 months before it started to mold. Of course, we had like 4 weeks of rain too. So that is a huge part of the problem! But even before it started molding it was falling apart and even arrived damaged because the thin wood couldn’t hold up to shipping!

green roof

Attribution: Stephan Ridgway License (No Modifications)

Here are a few more prefab chicken coops to check out!

Roosts, Nesting Boxes, Ladders, And Feeders For Examples…

I’ve gathered a few examples of the inside detail of chicken coops and chicken runs. Hopefully, some of these can give you some ideas for your future project!

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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Chicken Coop Inspiration

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  1. Tons of chicken coop inspiration! We are thinking about building our own coop sometime in the spring. When it heats up enough for painting and such. I don’t know what design we’ll go with just yet, but I do appreciate this article. Love all of the pictures, they are helping me figure out what kind of design we should do.

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