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I suppose if you’re here, you want to learn a little bit about me! I am a wife and mother of three boys. We homeschool and we love it (most days, hah!) I like to craft many things. Some of my favorites are knitting, crochet, sewing, and cooking. My husband and I have been together for over a decade now! Yay! I created this blog to share the information that I experience on my journey to homesteading.

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We moved from the suburbs to our new homestead. It’s five acres & mostly wooded. We have a long driveway and a circle driveway, the boys love to ride their bikes on. They’ve even made bike trails & of course forts, going through the woods. Our new home is much bigger than the one we had before, and it has a BIG kitchen! YAY! You know that makes this mama pretty happy! The only bad thing about the kitchen is that I have an oven that won’t hold cast iron or my big water bath canner. 🙁 I have plans to build an outside kitchen, but last summer we did get a grill with a burner, so I can use it for that purpose. The ticks were bad the first year, being in the woods and all. I had to make a natural tick & mosquito repellent for us! The second year we had a huge turn around in the tick population! I’m guessing it was the chickens…

A few months after moving here, we got chickens. 6, in fact, to start with (Buff Orpington/Rhode Island MIX). Later we added Camo and his 3 girls (sexlinks). We quickly lost 3 in the first bunch about a month or two after bringing them home. Our makeshift coop didn’t hold up to raccoons. We actually had a raccoon in the chicken coop! We finally built a new coop for them, and we didn’t lose any other birds actually until last week (Late October 2017.) This wasn’t a problem with the coop this time. We think a raccoon crawled in the coop when they were going to bed and snatched one of our girls. My poor husband…it was his favorite chicken. 🙁

I also started a garden and an herb garden. It did really well, until right before I would be harvesting much of it, and then… insect attacked it! I tried to fight them off but to no avail… I did get a good amount of tomatoes and jalapenos. For some reason, the insects didn’t touch them!

Last spring we hatched our first babies (click here to meet our baby chicks)! We have 8 or 9 (chicken math?!?!) chicks. This was a great experience for us, and taught us a lot about raising chickens from start to finish! They are all so interesting because most of them have sexlinks for parents so they are all kinds of colors, and only two of them look alike out of the whole bunch!!! Check out the post about them! You might fall in love.

Living out here in the woods has been amazing. We’ve enjoyed being out here, and we even have amazing neighbors. I hear so many horror stories of terrible neighbors, and just thank God that our neighbors are so nice. After getting chickens I asked if one of them was ever bothered by the noise of the rooster, and he said, “I actually love it!” Can you believe it? We did have issues with their dogs trying to hurt a chicken, but it survived and the issue was resolved by them keeping their dogs on their property or on a leash. I am thankful that we could work it out without any animals being killed. My chicken was harmed in the process, but it was very minor! Thank God!

So that’s where we’re at right now. I hope in the future I can have other animals and a bigger garden. I still need to build an outside kitchen, and I would love to have an orchard! All in due time! Check out where to start homesteading for an idea on how to start your very own homesteading adventure!

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    I just bought the Garden Markers and I love them.
    Is there any way I can enlarge them to about twice the size or a bit more?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hey Claire! Thanks so much for your order! I included two sizes that you can download. Is the biggest size not big enough?

      If it’s not, You may be able to play around with the printer settings but that may diminish the quality of the print.

      The only other idea I have is if you pay for a custom job. Basically, you could send me the measurement of the round surface that you’re working with and I can adjust the size of them for you. This would be pretty costly though because there is a ton of time and money that goes into adjusting the sizes of these. I have to adjust, print, measure, again, and again until it’s just right.

      Let me know! I’m happy to help if I can! If I think of any way to increase the size easily I’ll let you know.

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