How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers For Soups, Stews, & More!

How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers

How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers
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If you have an abundance of peppers lying around, you might be looking for a great way to use them. I love to dehydrate bell peppers to throw them in soups and stews later. You can also make some Halloween themed stuffed peppers with sausage and quinoa! My youngest son begs me to make these again and again!

Dehydrating Bell Pepper Tips

  • Use only fresh ingredients.
  • Get a dehydrator with plenty of trays to work with.
  • Use Organic if possible.
  • Store in an airtight container with a desiccant oxygen absorber, away from light.
  • In higher humidity areas, it may take longer to dehydrate.
  • Precise cuts from a mandolin or similar device will help to ensure that you have the same size cuts each time. Note: Larger pieces will take longer to dry.
What do you do when you end up with a lot of bell peppers? There are many ways to preserve them. You can dehydrate bell peppers, freeze or ferment them. | ‎ | Homestead Wishing, Author Krist Wheeler | preserving-bell-peppers, dehydrate-bell-peppers |

How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers

Yield: 10
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Active Time: 10 hours
Total Time: 10 hours 30 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: 10

Dehydrate bell peppers, and use the powder in soups and stews later!


  • 5 Bell Peppers (more or less, any color)



  1. Wash peppers and pat dry or leave on counter to dry for a little while.
  2. Prepare your dehydrator trays. Cut out parchment paper to fit onto the trays.
  3. Place the trays near your cutting station. So you can place fresh cuttings right onto the trays.
  4. It’s better if you can use a mandolin or other slicer that will make consistent cuts. If you slice the bell peppers different sizes, the bigger slices will need more time. Slice peppers about 1/4 inch thick.
  5. Place bell pepper stripes in the dehydrator, and follow the temperature and time directions for your unit for dehydrating vegetables. On my excalibur, vegetables get set on 125ºF and they dry for about 8-10 hours.
  6. Dry until they no longer feel slimy. Sometimes I have to remove pieces that are totally dry and leave some pieces to dry for a bit longer.
  7. Store in an airtight container away from light. If you are going to be storing your bell peppers for more than three months, it is recommended that you blanch them before dehydrating.

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Uses for Dehydrated Bell Peppers

  • Throw bell peppers into soups, and stews.
  • Put them into eggs, to add some flavor.
  • Add them in spaghetti sauce.
  • Add them to your pot when boiling noodles. This will reconstitute them, and they will help flavor the overall dish.

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2 thoughts on “How to Dehydrate Bell Peppers”

  1. Looks like they’d be perfect for a quick weeknight chili. Thanks so much for sharing, I didn’t realize they’d hold together through the dehydrator. I’ve always sautéed them with onions and bagged for the freezer, but shelf stable is so much better.

    1. Oh they are and spaghetti too! I love having them to just throw in our meals! They are a pretty good snack too, if you like that kind of thing. I am such a big fan of bell peppers, I love them just about any way them come. Thanks for stopping by Ashley!

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