DIY Fall Wreaths - Super Cheap Craft Tutorial

DIY Fall Wreaths – Super Cheap Craft Tutorial

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Fall is my favorite time of year. I don’t care what you call this season, Harvest, Autumn, or fall. It will always have the best qualities out of all of the seasons, in my opinion. The weather is perfect for camping, and the beautiful color can hardly be matched! DIY Fall Wreaths made with items found at the Dollar Tree.

Decorating for fall, has to be my second favorite decorating time of the year. Christmas being first! Of, course right? Yes, I’m a seasonal decorating geek. I mostly only do those two seasons though. I rarely ever feel the need to decorate for any other season.

So this fall, I was looking around for some super cheap crafts ideas to make fall wreaths. If found to my surprise that the Dollar Tree has an amazing supply of not just fall decoration, but they also had a lot of awesome wreath making supplies!

Find some of the wreath stuff in the fall section, but they have even more on the crafty aisle. Since every store is different, you may not find the same items that I found at my Dollar Tree store.

For my wreaths. I used 1 pre-made wreath I found on the crafts aisle and one that I bought last year from Trader Joe’s. It’s a grapevine wreath, that was fairly inexpensive and I think I bought it around Thanksgiving or Christmas time.

For the first wreath…

Note: I am linking to the Dollar Tree website, but they mostly do orders by the case I believe. So these are for visual representation only.


How to make the Leafy Wreath:

I cut the filler flowers off of the main stem, so that I only had individual clusters with one stem. I stuffed them strategically between the wreaths twigs. Make sure they are firmly inserted, so they don’t come loose.

For the leaves, I strategically placed them in between twigs, so that they looked pretty. You can move them around and play with the setup. When you know you are done, get a paintbrush and add a little bit of school glue, paint on the wrong side of the wreath in between and behind the leaves. Just slightly so that they’ll have a better chance at not falling out. Let the wreath dry somewhere it will not be disturbed. Then hang it to display your crafty side!

Fall-Burlap Wreath

Note: I am linking to the Dollar Tree website, but they mostly do orders by the case I believe. So these are for visual representation only.


Wrap the burlap around the wreath. Tuck in the last bit of the roll into the last layer of burlap. It should be able to cover about 1/3 of the total wreath.

I took one of the flower fillers and cut off one stemmed cluster. I  stuffed that stemmed filler into one side of the burlap. Then I place a couple of faux leaves strategically around the wreath. Last but not least, I picked out a fall sign that fits perfectly in the middle of the wreath. I tied the sign so that it hangs just right on the wreath.

I hope that you enjoy making your fall crafts!

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Fun Crafts don't have to be expensive. Make a DIY Fall Wreaths using items only found at The Dollar Tree. These are super easy and cheap!

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