DIY Herb Planter - How to Put Together a Front Porch Herb Planter

DIY Herb Planter – How to Put Together a Front Porch Herb Planter

DIY Herb Planter
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Herbs are the perfect choice when it comes to potted plants. Not only are they useful in home cooking but they are also a beautiful and aromatic addition to your porch. In this DIY Herb Planter, we’ll discuss what type of plants go together, how to pick the right plants, and how to get them situated in the planter properly.

How to Put Together a Front Porch Herb Planter

Picking a Planter

How many plants do you want in this planter? 4 or 5 is a good place to start. You may want to add a few flowers for color too.

When picking out a planter, the most important feature is water drainage. Usually, you’ll find holes or even a plugin on the bottom of the planter. If there’s a plug, make sure to take it out.

I love the barrel planters (here’s a great set of three.) You could also choose to do an oval-shaped planter.

They’re perfect for planting herbs. I’m thinking of also purchasing these oval planters to match the round ones I already have.


Picking The Plants

First, let’s start with what plants you’d like to use in this herb planter. Think of 4 or 5 herbs that you love. Go to a local nursery and look at the information tags. Match herbs that have the same light and water requirements. Also, think about the climate. Some plants love the sun like rosemary, but in a hot climate, rosemary needs a bit of shade. While in a cooler climate rosemary can hang out in the sun most of the day with no problem.

I live in a hot climate. I have paired rosemary, lemon thyme, curry, and a couple of flowers called Kalanchoe, just to add some gorgeous colors, bonus they are edible too! You could choose edible flowers if you like. Make sure they have the same light and water needs. Pansies, marigolds, and nasturtiums are all edible flowers and are great additions to an herb garden. Make sure to buy ones that say they are edible.

In another planter, I have thyme, basil, sage, parsley, and petunias for color. I wouldn’t plant basil and rosemary together because rosemary doesn’t love to be moist and it doesn’t need fertilizer, while basil loves water and fertilizer. Eventually, the bald spot was filled in by the lemon thyme and petunias.

herbs in barrel planter

What Kind of Dirt to Use in an Herb Planter?

Pick up a bag of potting soil for this project while you’re at the nursery. If you have a large planter like mine you’ll need about 2 cubic feet of dirt. The smaller planter only needed half that amount.

soil in planter


Once you have your plants and planter picked out you can decide on placement. First, place your planter where you want it to live. Then, fill your planter ¾ full with potting soil. Without taking the plants out of their containers, place them in the dirt and arrange them until you find their happy place.

In this DIY Herb Planter, we will discuss what type of plants go together, how to pick the right plants, and how to get them situated in the planter properly. | Homestead Wishing, Author Kristi Wheeler | | herb planter, herb gardening, #herbs #herbgarden

Finishing up

You want the soil flush with the plant or just a little bit over. The plants should also be about 1-2 inches below the lip of the planter so that when you water it doesn’t all spill out. Finish up by adding dirt around the plants. Take one plant out at a time, and remove it from its packaging and place the plant back in the hole. Then, do all the others.  Some plants come in a cardboard planter that can be placed right into the dirt. Just remove the plastic and place it in the dirt.



Usually, when you buy a bag of soil, it is pretty moist to start with. So I hold off on watering until the next day when it has dried out just a bit. After that water as directed.

While I didn’t put oregano in any of these herb planters (this time), it’s a great herb for a planter. It’s super easy to grow, and one of my top favorites. It asks for very little and gives so much in return. I am growing some oregano, in the front yard. It is gorgeous, and I love using it in my cooking.

More Ideas of What to Plant in an Herb Planter

  • Lemon Balm – Check out 12 Things to do with Lemon Balm by the Nerdy Farm Wife.
  • Mint – I love, love growing mint. I just made myself a cup of peppermint tea using fresh leaves. Most teas are great when the leaves are dehydrated, but with peppermint, you can drop them in some hot water, and let them steep, remove them and wah-la you have an amazing and tasty cup of tea!
  • Dill – I love dill. It’s delicious and pretty!
  • Cilantro – Want to make some salsa? Plant some cilantro!
  • Fennel – It’s aromatic and tasty. It looks similar to dill.
  • Chamomile – We all know that chamomile has so many uses, including using it for tea, and medicinally.
  • Jasmine – A climbing plant will need a trellis or you can put it in a hanging basket. Jasmine has gorgeous flowers and can be used to make tea and to flavor syrup.

I hope you enjoy making a front porch herb planter!

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