Do Ducks Have Teeth? How Do Ducks Eat? Do Ducks Bite?

Do Ducks Have Teeth?

Do Ducks Have Teeth?
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Whether your raising ducks or feeding ducks at a local park. You might be wondering do ducks have teeth? Have you ever noticed little notches inside a duckbill and thought are those teeth?

Ducks use their bills to find and grab tasty treats. Whether they are fish, grasses, weeds, feed, or even insects! Ducks eat all kinds of things.

Their bills have special features that allow them to filter out unneeded or inedible materials. Their bills also allow them to separate food from excess water.

Anatomy of A Duckbill | Do Ducks Have Teeth?

The duckbill is designed for rooting around in the soil and in water for tasty treats. The upper bill is called the upper mandible, It’s attached to the skull and is in a fixed position. The lower bill or lower mandible has the ability to move, much like a human jaw.

The edge of a duckbill is soft. This provides the duck with the ability to feel around for food. Similarly, to the way humans use their fingertips to feel for things.

At the tip of the bill is a small bump, called a “bean” or “nail”. As pictured below. This bump is a pretty cool tool. The nail is hard and can be worn down with use, but I’ve read that it can grow back much like a fingernail would. Ducks use it to dig through the soil to help them find all kinds of tasty treats!

The shape, size, and color of the nail can vary between breeds. Sometimes the nail is a contrasting color to the rest of the bill, like in the picture below.

mallard duck

However, sometimes it’s a similar color to the rest of the bill, like in the photo below.

white duck red comb

Do Ducks Have Teeth?

Have you ever noticed little notches inside a duckbill and wondered if those were in fact teeth? Maybe you wondered if not teeth what are they, and what is their purpose?

We’re going to dive deep into what those little notches are, how they work, and what their purpose actually is.

Do Ducks Have Teeth?

So finally for the question you’ve all been waiting for! Do ducks have teeth? Simple answer no. No, ducks don’t have teeth. However, ducks do have serrated notches in their bills, called lamellae.

duck teeth Lamellae

Ducks really don’t need teeth mainly because they swallow their food whole. You may notice some nibbling action but this is mostly just motions to find food and to get the food positioned just right in order to swallow it whole.

Lamellae can vary in size and shape depending on the breed of the duck. The function of the lamellae is to filter out unwanted materials from the edible materials. They also help disperse extra water from food.

Some also say that they help when grabbing things like fish, or grabbing leaves.

Here’s a closeup of lamellae on a Pekin duck.

Duck teeth Lamellae

The lamellae aren’t typically visible unless the bill is opened.

Have you ever wondered if Ducks can fly?

How Do Ducks Eat?

A duck will use the soft edge of their beaks to locate food, then they use the tip of their beak called the nail to help grab it. The ducks use the lamellae or bristle-like notches inside of their bill to grab bigger pieces of food like fish or leafy greens.

Ducks do enjoy eating food that’s a little wet, however. When swallowing things practically whole, you need a little moisture to help it all go down smoothly.

For that reason, you may notice after feeding your duck, they may go over and grab a drink of water to help them swallow. The kind of food a duck will typically eat is dependent on the shape, size, and special features of its bill.

It’s pretty neat that these special features of a duckbill can help ducks find food in murky water. They typically don’t use sight as much as they do touch. Which is totally different from the way chickens search for food. Chickens typically use sight to find food.

It seems strange to me how chickens can see so well with those tiny little eyes. However, they can spot a hawk way up in the sky and alert the rest of the flock! The instincts and special features of animals are pretty amazing to me.

Do Ducks Bite?

Yeah, so they don’t have teeth, we’ve established that right? So they can basically nibble on you at best. However, does it hurt?

First of all, it’s rare that an adult domestic duck would chomp down on your fingers. So it’s not a huge worry.

For the most part, a nibble doesn’t hurt. My duck will eat out of my hand and occasionally nibble my finger with the tip of the bill. It’s just weird or uncomfortable, but not painful.

Most domestic ducks don’t have lamellae that are course enough to actually hurt. However, it may be a little uncomfortable. Especially, if you try to pull your hand out, but not painful.

I haven’t had this happen but I’ve heard a broody duck might actually pinch you pretty hard if you get a little too close.

In Summary

In summary, ducks don’t have teeth. They do have some bristle-like notches in their bill, that help them grab food. The lamellae and the nail are special little tools that help the duck find and devour food!

As far as duck bites go, it’s not really a thing, since they don’t have teeth. The worst thing that could happen is that they could use their bill to pinch you. It might be a little uncomfortable from what I understand, but not super painful. I might be wrong about that since I haven’t been pinched by a duckbill. However, you should survive most duck bites.

Thank you for joining us for this post! We hope to have more posts about ducks soon, so check back with us! If you have questions leave me a comment!

I hope that this post was informative for you and I hope you learned something from it. Raising ducks is so fun, they have amazing personalities. Duck eggs are delicious and have super thick eggshells compared to chickens! The eggs are perfect for baking too!

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Do Ducks Have Teeth?


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