Do Ducks Lay Eggs? | Everything You Need To Know About Duck Eggs

Do Ducks Lay Eggs?

Do ducks lay eggs
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Do ducks lay eggs? The answer is pretty simple. Yep, they sure do. They lay big beautiful eggs that are packed with protein. They even have more protein than chicken eggs! I know I’ve already answered your question, but keep reading to learn some fascinating information about ducks and their eggs.

Before we got our ducks, we had never eaten duck eggs before. Honestly, I’ve only heard good things about them, but I felt a little uneasy about eating them for the first time. I was worried that they would have a funny taste or look weird or different inside.

Buying Ducks Eggs Instead & Where To Get Them

If you aren’t interested in raising ducks for eggs, you can buy them. There are a couple of options today. I’ve been so surprised at seeing duck eggs being sold in bigger box stores. One of them being Whole Foods.

Another place you may find duck eggs is at the Farmer’s Market. You might have to ask around to different vendors, usually someone has the scoop on what’s where!

The next place to check is your local farms. You may be able to locate some local farms through Facebook or Google “duck eggs near me”. Google may return a few suggestion of stores and farm where you might can buy ducks eggs nearby.

Lastly, you might not believe it, but you can buy ducks eggs on Amazon!

Do ducks lay eggs

How Are Duck Eggs Different From Chicken Eggs?

The fact is, they really don’t taste any different to me. However, other people say they taste creamier and richer than chicken eggs. The contents look just like chicken eggs when you crack them open, except they are much larger. So, there are typically more contents inside the eggs.

Duck eggs are higher in fat and protein. The eggshells are much thicker. So thick that it takes a couple of blows to get a good enough crack to empty the contents of the egg!

Tyrant Farms has a great post on comparing chicken and ducks eggs.

Do ducks lay eggs

Why Do Bakers Love Duck Eggs? | Do Ducks Lay Eggs?

Bakers absolutely love duck eggs. Cakes made with duck eggs are lighter and fluffier. Additionally, the higher fat and protein content also helps to create a better texture to the cake. Overall, the moisture in the cake tends to last longer in cakes made with duck eggs too.

Cakes aren’t the only flour-based recipes that duck eggs are added to by bakers. They are also great in just about bready recipes, such as cupcakes, bread, muffins, etc…

Cream, custards, and meringue are positively affected by using ducks eggs too. They are fluffier and creamier than ever before! You can also make homemade ice cream and eggnog using them for a creamier outcome.

Other food items not necessarily baked are enhanced with them too. Such as hollandaise sauce, mayo, and aioli.

Do Ducks Lay Eggs?

Yes, ducks lay magnificent large eggs that are higher in protein and fat than chicken eggs. Many people state that ducks eggs last longer than chicken eggs due to their thick eggshells. However, I haven’t found a trusted source or any research to prove this theory.

They can lay anywhere from 150-340 eggs per year. Some of the best chicken layers will lay up to 300 eggs per year. Duck eggs don’t just have more protein and fat compared to a chicken egg, but they have a whole bunch of extra vitamins and nutrients. Below is a chart noting the differences in the eggs.

Vitamins & NutrientsDuck EggsChicken Eggs
Protein13 g12 g
Fat14 g10 g
Carbs1 g1 g
Cholesterol295% of the DV141% of the DV
Vitamin B 1290% of the DV23% of the DV
Selenium52% of the DV45% of the DV
Iron21% of the DV10% of the DV
Vitamin D16% of the DV9% of the DV
Choline263 mg251 mg
Magnesium17 mg11 mg
Phosphorus, P220 mg184 mg
Potassium, K222 mg132 mg
Sources: (1*,2*)

Do Duck Eggs Need To Be Washed And Refrigerated?

Freshly laid duck eggs can be stored at room temperature or in refrigeration. Typically, we don’t wash eggs before storing them. Since mother nature has provided a protective covering on the eggs called the bloom. The bloom keeps harmful bacteria out of the egg by covering up the pores.

Washing the eggs would remove this protective coating and allow bacteria inside of the egg.

Refrigerated eggs typically last longer.

Below are a few products you can find on Amazon to store eggs. The images are clickable!

do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs do ducks lay eggs

How Long Do Duck Eggs Last?

Since I couldn’t find any trusted sources that say duck eggs would last longer due to their eggshell thickness or any other variables, I would stick with the basics of how long eggs last. In my post “How Long Do Eggs Last” I go into great detail about this. However, here’s the rundown.

Unwashed, unrefrigerated duck eggs can last up to 2-3 weeks at room temperature.

Unwashed, refrigerated – They can last up to 3 months.

Do ducks lay eggs

Thinking About Getting Ducks?

My husband always says, he wishes we started with ducks instead of chickens. Not only are their eggs superior, but ducks are pretty easy to care for. They do need the addition of a water source and that means more work. However, when building a coop for a duck, it’s much easier than building a chicken coop.

Ducks don’t need nesting boxes, or roosts. Those are two things you can leave out when building a duck coop. Ducks build a nest in their coop where they lay their eggs. Another positive with this is that ducks really don’t like pooping where they sleep! Our duck’s eggs are rarely ever poopy.

The duck’s coop seems to stay way cleaner that the chicken’s coop. Since ducks don’t roost, there’s no need to build roosts. Ducks typically sleep on the ground, and all they need is some pine chips to lay on.

Additionally, ducks have fun personalities. Hearing our duck quack everytime the door opens always makes me smile. I always thought seeing chickens run was the best thing until I saw my ducks waddling as fast as they can to come see me!

Did I mention how fun ducklings are? Oh, they are so cute and sweet when they are young! I really miss all of the incessant nibbling. No matter what you’re doing ducklings love to explore and feel the need to taste just about everything in their environment. Including your shoes, pants, and definitely your hair!

Overall, ducks are a pleasure and a blessing to have on the homestead!

Do ducks lay eggs

In conclusion

Ducks lay eggs, yes they do! If your thinking about adding more egg layers to your flock, ducks are a great way to go. They add so much fun to the homestead. One of the best things about having ducks is their eggs. They are bigger and better than chicken eggs in my opinion.

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Do ducks lay eggs

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  1. i’m so thankful for finding your post. It was kinda on accident. we are thinking of getting ducks in the spring and i learned a lot with your post! thank you!

    1. Hey Kelly, I’ve heard that too. However, I haven’t seen any reputable research to back up that claim. That doesn’t mean it’s not true. We’ve had ducks for a few years now. I haven’t noticed any significant difference one way or the other.

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