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I love cleaning with vinegar, but I don’t love heating it up to help clean the microwave. The stench is overwhelming! That’s why I came up with the Microwave Cleaning Without The Stinky Cleaners!

Easy NO STINK Microwave Cleaning

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Easy Microwave Cleaning Tutorial

First, we need a really dirty microwave. My microwave was already super dirty from the birthday party food I had reheated, but then the kids reheated some ravioli. They filled the bowl too full, and now, look at this mess! As if it wasn’t dirty enough to begin with.

dirty microwave

This step is optional. If you have super-stuck-on food or your microwave is super gross, place a glass of water in a microwavable bowl and run the microwave for a couple of minutes. This will release steam and get some of that caked-on mess to loosen all on its own.

cleaning a microwave

My microwave looks like a mess, but the ocelo No-Scratch Scrub Sponges were quite strong enough to get the job done without heating the water.

The next step is to get your ocelo scrub sponge wet with warm water. Start by using the scrubbing side of the sponge. This doesn’t take too much work. The ocelo scrub sponge is powerful enough to take on the job easily!

dirty microwave getting cleaned

Scrub and then wipe with the soft side. Continue using this method until you have all the stubborn food particles removed.

dirty microwave getting cleaned

To get all the food particles you scrubbed loose out of the microwave get a clean washrag to wipe them out. This leaves you with a super clean microwave. Mine looks brand new, doesn’t it?

clean microwave

I got my microwave clean very easily using ocelo No-Scratch Scrub Sponges. The fun and creative designs made cleaning fun and easy!

I love the cute little pineapple designs. Thanks for checking out my Easy Microwave Cleaning Tutorial! Now, go get yours clean. Find ocelo No-Scratch Scrub Sponges ONLINE AT TARGET. Or find them in the store and save $0.50 off one ocelo Scrub Sponge Multi-pack using this .50¢ OFF COUPON!

ocelo sponges

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Are you searching for an easier way to clean your microwave? I have a non-stinky way that is really simple. Easy Microwave Cleaning Without using Stinky Cleaners!