Diffuse Essential Oils Everywhere You Go - Essential Oil Bracelet

Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils Everywhere You Go – Essential Oil Bracelet

Diffuse Your Favorite Essential Oils Bracelet
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A while ago, I wrote about how to make Homemade Perfume using essential oils. I thought that was an epic way to take my essential oils with me everywhere I went, but you know what? Not long after applying my homemade perfume…it fades. I wanted a better way to diffuse essential oils, and then I found this essential oil bracelet.

I was searching for some great ideas when I found Lovepray Jewelry. They have jewelry that you can add essential oils to. I found that they have necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, and more! The essential oils are diffused for a lot longer than my perfume, which keeps me from having to reapply constantly. So I teamed up with them and they agreed to send me two bracelets to try out! Each bracelet has several lava stones. Those are the stones that actually help to diffuse the essential oils.

Why I love Lovepray Jewelry, and what makes them special…

Lovepray Jewelry makes yoga-inspired jewelry, like the Essential Oil Bracelet. Their jewelry is designed and handmade in their studio, which is located in San Diego, California. They work in a fun environment and use responsibly sourced materials and gemstones.

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The bracelets I picked out are Dalmatian Jasper, and Amazonite. They each have 6 lava stones, that you can use to diffuse essential oils with. When the package came in the mail, I felt like it was a special present just for me.

The people over at Lovepray packaged it so beautifully for me! Being a mom of three boys, you know how often that happens… One more thing, when I opened the box, I was absolutely amazed at how beautiful these bracelets are! WOW! Really, I feel like this is the best present I’ve gotten in awhile.

diffuse essential oils

My Essential Oil Bracelets

diffuse essential oils

I picked my stones carefully for what I feel I need in life right now. The Dalmatian Jasper essential oil bracelet is supposed to be good for gentleness, nurturing, and a great stone for protection. I picked the Jasper because it’s everything us moms want to be for our children. The Dalmatian Jasper is sort of white, with black spots like a Dalmatian puppy! It came with black lava stones to match!

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For the second essential oil bracelet, I picked out Amazonite. It is a lovely super light blue/greenish color, with gray lava stones. It is absolutely gorgeous! The Amazonite is supposed to be good for dispelling negative energy and improving confidence, communication, and leadership.

diffuse essential oils

I picked this stone, because communicating verbally isn’t something I necessarily do very well. Confidence and leadership skills are always something I could use help with. I’m pretty confident most of the time, but we all have those days when we are doubting ourselves.

I’ve been diffusing my favorite scents, which are lemon and lavender (just like my homemade perfume) and I am LOVING it! Ahhh, everywhere I go, I get to smell them. It’s pretty amazing. I’ve had several compliments on them too, and I just have to brag about one of my new favorite jewelry brands! I am looking forward to getting a necklace next, well and maybe some earrings… Don’t tell my husband okay?

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