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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Homesteading Men

Father's Day Gift Ideas
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Don’t have any Father’s Day Gift Ideas? I picked a couple of things that would work for just about any kind of guy. I hope that you can find something great to remind him just how much you care!

What I’m Giving To My Husband

I’m giving my husband a wallet. Shh! Don’t tell him! I homeschool my children so we’ll also be doing some cute little crafts for him.

I found a best dad certificate, that we will give him. We can’t afford much, but I think he’ll be happy with the new wallet and other things. The one he has is falling apart! Wallets are a great Father’s Day Gift Ideas!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas


A good multi-tool will give a man the power of several tools without the toolbox. A multi-tool can contain pliers, a small knife, a screwdriver, and more.

Pocket Knife

Good men need a good blade. A good pocket knife will tackle many jobs over its lifetime. Just about any guy will approve of getting a pocket knife for Father’s Day. It’s something he will carry around every day and will remind him of his family ever time he pulls it out to use it.

Cordless Tools

Homesteading projects are never-ending. Your homesteading man will appreciate some cordless tools for all those projects you have him doing. Like that raised bed garden…

Cordless Tool Charging Station

This charging station is on my list of things to buy for me…er…uh…I totally mean my husband! No seriously, I HATE the stupid battery packs charging on my kitchen counter, or kicking it around on the living room floor. It’s ridiculous! So it might be a little for me, but don’t tell him that. 😉

Gas Chainsaw

You never know when you need a good chainsaw. A couple of years ago we had a category 5 hurricane come through and the neighbors all got out their chainsaws and freed everyone from the downed trees. This is a necessity!

Rain collection barrel

Being in a hurricane-prone area, we would love to have a rain catchment system. If your husband is into that sort of thing, he’ll really appreciate a nice rain barrel!


A nice toolbelt with added suspenders can help get those homesteading projects done. He can carry all of the cordless tools around like a real pro.

Food Dehydrator

Okay, okay I know what you thinking. My husband would never use this dehydrator! Give him a recipe for jerky and some meat and I bet you he will use the heck out of it! Bonus, you get jerky! Yum!

Portable Generator

I don’t know how many times we’ve needed power all the way across the property. A portable generator makes some jobs so much easier.


I have to say, I love the grill I bought for my husband. That side burner makes me coffee when the power is out. Not to mention the fact that now my husband can make dinner by himself.

Grilling Gift Pack

If the man has a grill, he needs a nice little grill set. A nice set of tongs, skewers, a spatula, and more!


Who doesn’t love smoked meat? A good smoker will put you out a few bucks but totally worth it if you ask me!

Homebrew Kit

This homebrew kit is for the man who loves his beer and has secretly always wanted to be a zymologist.


A nice headlamp isn’t just for hiking but it’s nice to help you get a job done in the dark hands-free without having to hold a flashlight.


Speaking of flashlights. I love this brand, Streamlight. We have a couple of these. They are important when you live in the woods. You really need a powerful flashlight that can cut through the woods, and even spot a raccoon in a tree!

Dad Jokes Book

Again with the jokes! I don’t know about you but my husband doesn’t really need help with the dad jokes. He has his favorites that he says over and over again. Then again maybe it’s not a bad idea for him to learn some new ones!


These lanterns are great for all kinds of different situations. I like battery-powered lanterns too. For when the power goes out, and you need to potty. They give just enough light to light up the bathroom.


Of course, just about every man needs a couple pairs of good work gloves. These Carhartt gloves will do the job just fine!


A small and sweet wallet, that any husband would love to have.

Sun Oven

Learn to be more self sufficient and use the power of the sun to cook a few meals.

Whiskey Decanter Set

A very mainly decanter set to go in a mainly man cave!

Get dad a great book! Check out my book review for God’s Words of Life For Fathers

Tech Savy Dad Gifts


Get dad something he can use to track his activity throughout the day. Record workouts, and beat, and more. Plus, you can get calls, texts, and updates from your calendar on a FitBit using an app.

Samsung Active2

If your husband has a Samsung phone, these Active2 watches use the Samsung Health app to keep track of a person’s activity. It’s not just for tracking workouts though. You can also receive calls, texts, and several other helpful apps on this watch!

Another favorite about this watch is that you can control your music from your watch. You can even play a song from the speaker. I believe it has to be downloaded to the watch. I’m not exactly sure how it all works just yet. As I just bought my first smart watch. So far I love the Active 2 though. And no this is not sponsored content, although I did do a post for a Samsung phone before.

Apple Watch

If your hubby has an Apple phone, get him an Apple watch. There is a feature on the watch that will alert the user when the noise is TOO LOUD. This might be helpful for a homesteading man. We often use tools and are around a bunch of noise. Sometimes it doesn’t dawn on us to use ear protection.

Listen to Apple music through the Apple watch. Plus, don’t get lost with a built-in compass. This watch has many of the other features the other 2 have.

Fire TV Stick

Dad can watch all his favorites using the Fire Stick. He can stream using the coolest streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube, HBO, and more! There are a few FREE streaming apps like Pluto, IMDB, and more. Amazon Prime members can get access to thousands of movies and TV episodes.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized Whiskey Barrel

This barrel would look nice in a man cave too. He’ll love the personalized text!

Personalized Wallet With Photos!

He’ll think of you every time he opens his wallet.

Custom Engraved Flask Set

Customized Watch

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12 thoughts on “Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Homesteading Men”

  1. These are great ideas! We have been considering getting an HD Fire Stick, and he really needs a new FitBit! We are getting ready to move from a small town to the big city, thought, so I’m thinking the radar detector might be a really good idea!!

    1. Homestead Wishing

      I really love the radar detector idea too. I wish I had thought about it before I purchased the wallet. Oh well, maybe next year right? Thank you for stopping by Rebecca!

  2. I should’ve thought about FitBit when I was still in the US. It would be a great gift for my dad. But now in different country, I don’t think they sell FitBit over here.
    But walet and watch are definitely great gifts. Your husband and dad will love it.
    I know my hubby would like a tool set, but I think I will buy it for him when I’m back to USA.

    1. Homestead Wishing

      Well, it seems like there are many companies putting out products like the Fitbit. Maybe you can find one like it that sells in the country you are in. If not, I hope that you find something suitable for your hubby! Good luck Iryna and thank you for stopping by!

    1. Homestead Wishing

      Thank you. I had to sit down and think about it for a little while before coming up with an idea for my husband! Thanks for stopping by!

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