Free Geography Homeschool Resources

Free Geography Homeschool Resources

FREE Geography Homeschool Resources
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Can you have fun while learning about geography? What about teaching it? I’m here to tell you it’s absolutely possible! With fun games, trivia, worksheets, and videos you can learn all about geography and have fun while doing it! For now, let’s check these Free Geography homeschool resources.

If you don’t have at least a globe and a map of the area you are learning about I encourage you to purchase them. I had to buy a few of these items myself. I linked to some of those items on Amazon at the bottom of this post. You may be able to buy some cheap homeschool supplies at the Dollar Tree too.

Our Favorite Resources on This List

When you first start out figure out what area you want to focus on. We focused on the United States first and labeling the U.S. map!

We used #8 & #9 mostly. I printed out a lot of blank maps. At first, I labeled the maps with their help. Then I let them label them.

Without any help, they could label around 10 states before we even really started learning them. After they were done, I would have them label the rest using our laminated map that we have or a printed labeled map from the same website on #8.

That’s all it took to get them to learn the states. We also studied abbreviations. After week 1, I started a competition for whoever labels the most states wins a ginger candy!

This ginger candy is spicy, and may not be suitable for all kids. My kids just happen to love it. We also use it for car sickness, and for nausea or digestion after we eat too much.

I think we’re going to move onto South America for now, and come back and learn about capitals, state birds and stuff like that later. They are excited about moving on. I hope that this will helps keep their interest in learning more!

Check out these 20+ Free Geography Homeschool Resources!

  1. Name that State! – Click to find the right state
  2. A questionnaire on the 50 states
  3. 50 States Abbreviations Quiz
  4. Can you name that state abbreviations game
  5. Place the 50 states on the map games
  6. USA states quiz – a quiz with points!
  7.  Check out
  8. Blank map printables – Not all of these are free, but there are several good ones that are totally free! I use the 50 states blank map for my boys. This one is my favorite one to print out. There are all kinds a free blank maps you can print out but this one is easy on the eyes and easy to label.
  9. Place the state on the map – This is my kid’s favorite 50 states game! They also have several other geography games on that website.
  10. Toporopa – Countries, states, mountain ranges, seas, capitals, regions, and lakes!
  11. Fun World Geography Games – You can even learn about volcanoes!
  12. Map Puzzles are colorful and fun!
  13. Try the map maker from National Geographic! You could check out the map maker kits too to learn some new things or get some inspiration on how you could use the map maker.
  14. National Geographic also has map skills for elementary children. You can teach your children how to make a map. You can practice by making a map of your favorite park or your house!
  15. Here are several more free geographical printables!
  16. Timed map quiz and more.
  17. Traveler IQ Challenge has more challenging games. They are super fun though!
  18. Education World has many lessons on geography.
  19. Check out map reading activities by Enchanted Learning. I like this because it is different from all of the games and things.
  20. Learn about each state – Flowers, flags, bird, tree, and more for each state!

Great finds on Amazon to help your kids learn more about geography

I really hope this helps you with your geography lessons. There are so many great free geography homeschool resources online. I’m so surprised the amount of learning opportunities that the internet provides for free at that! Leave a comment letting us know how you and your kids enjoyed this list!

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