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20+ Free Homeschool Resources | Free Homeschooling

20+ Free homeschooling Resources
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 Free Homeschool Resources 103

This is the third edition of my homeschooling series. Click to see 101 and 102 to see even more free homeschool resources and updates on how the boys are doing with their homeschooling journey! I also have a post for free geography resources! I just taught the boys how to label a U.S. map. You can check out how I did that in about three weeks! I listed my favorites there.

Free mail-order science materials – there are some really great offers in here that are totally free! This is a pretty old post so some of the materials may not be available any longer. Sorry.

I want to talk a little bit about what has been happening with our homeschool lately. The boys absolutely love to watch T.V. and play video games. I limit the time they get to do these things. Video games are only played on weekends. The T.V. only can be turned on at 5 pm and only if they have cleaned up after themselves, and all of their school work is done.

This week something amazing happened with boys. They have decided that playing outside was more fun than watching T.V. Apparently this week T.V. is boring. I thought somehow that this was all they would ever want to do. LOL! I really did think it was just a permanent thing.

I just simply cannot believe my ears when my 9 year old asked to go back outside after cleaning up. He said that T.V. was boring. It came out of his mouth! Holy Moly!

A couple of weeks after that my youngest son was been reading up a storm. At the end of spring, it was very rainy here and we did some activities, but the youngest decided to just sit and read. All of the boys have been reading a lot more. Even for fun. My youngest has even gotten hooked to the knock-knock joke book. It’s hilarious because he will read out loud and every once in a while there is a really funny joke and everybody will crack up.

What a great thing that homeschool has provided to my children. So many positive things have happened from our homeschooling.  The bond we have is so much stronger now. The time we spend together is so much sweeter. It is not rushed by typical go to school or work pressures.

Free Homeschool Resources…

  1. Are you studying the solar system yet? This website has the coolest interactive map of our solar system! I loved it. I have not shown it to the kids yet, but I plan to put together a lesson using this website.
  2. They also have this cool Daylight Map, where you can see on the map where it is daylight and where it is night time. You can see exactly where the sun is at that moment. So cool right? The sun is over by Asia right now meaning it is dark here in the U.S. (I should probably be asleep.)
  3. Draw your own nebula. If you move your cursor slowly it works better.
  4. You can find flashcards on several different subjects on Cram. This is pretty cool to use if you are learning about the 50 states of America, for instance.
  5. Fun Brain is pretty cool. I played a couple of games on there. My boys like the site a lot. The games are really fun, and filled with learning!
  6. EEME – Teach kids about electricity! Learn about electricity, circuits, LEDs, resistors, and much more using our interactive online lessons! Gaetz Aerospace institute: Earn free college credits – for high school ages
  7. Kidport has many subjects and grades to choose from. Grades K – 8. Subjects are math, science, language arts, social studies, and creative arts.
  8. Magic Tree House – My kids love this website. It looks like you are in a treehouse. It is a place to read lots and lots of books!
  9. National Geographic – Awesome video on a tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruit. I have heard about this tree before but this goes into detail about how the guy actually made this awesome tree!
  10. Poem game  Do you need to teach the kids how to write poems? I have not seen many games for making poems and my boys enjoyed this!
  11. Math games on Game Aquarium. So many math games!
  12. Sign language by Kids Courses. Do you want to teach your kids sign language? I have not thought much about this. I have shown my kids the alphabet. I think it is a great idea to add this to the list of things to know!
  13. Middle school, high school, and college math – Are you looking for math for your middle or high schooler here you go!
  14. Nasa Kid’s Club – My boys love this so much! They were begging to explore the site some more after we found the initial game. The whole site is pretty cool and interesting!
  15. Smithsonian Education – These guys have recently changed their entire website. I haven’t checked it out yet. I just noticed the update. It does look like they are reworking it to work for people who are homeschooling and remote learning.
  16. Extreme Science – I just found this website recently. Briefly looking over it, it looks interesting and fun. I can’t wait to explore it with the boys.

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42 thoughts on “20+ Free Homeschool Resources | Free Homeschooling”

  1. Love all the space and science stuff you’ve listed, but that is just because I am obsessed with space and work in the industry. Have your kids tried the Kerbal space program?

    1. That is awesome. I am in total awe of it myself! I think it has been my most favorite thing we have studied! I have not heard of the Kerbal Space Program. I will look into it though. Thanks for mentioning it!

    1. That is wonderful! I am glad to help anyone find free resources to help their child learn. Learning can be fun too 😉

    1. I showed it to my boys and they have enjoyed the new resources we have not looked at yet. It is amazing the amount of free resources that are already out there. More are made each day!

    1. I think it is great too. It is much easier than you think. Especially when you get to leave homework and teacher conferences behind! It is not for everyone but it works well for our family!

    1. Homeschooling is not for everyone. It either works or it doesn’t. Whatever is best for your child is the best choice!If you need help with deciding I have found that there are Facebook groups out there that are exceptional and supportive. Share your story there and get feedback. Find a group that is local and they may be able to give you insight on the laws in your state. Some states make it harder and some easier.

    1. It is not for everyone that is for sure. Whatever is better for your child is the best choice! It takes a really strong person to adapt and try new things and do what is most successfull for their children!

    1. It depends on the child. Every one is different and has different needs! Homeschooling is working great for us. The boys are not only happier but they are learning all kinds of things, and not just how to take tests.

    1. It’s funny I used to think that way. I think I thought that there were many professionals for that. How could I possibly be better? Or good enough to do such a task. Then the schools started testing them constantly not just the standardized tests but they were taking tests all days long. They had no time for learning or recess. The vast resources that our libraries and the internet provides is more than enough to teach out children. It is much more simple than you think! I promise!

    1. I teach them myself. They also learn just from everyday interactions, situations or places we visit. If there is a sign at the park about a tree on the hiking path they will stop read it and learn all by themselves!

    1. You are very welcome. It is good to reach out to local homeschoolers. There are many Facebook groups that have been amazing for support for me!

    1. I’m not a parent yet, but I’ve sometimes thought about home schooling. One of the things I sometimes think about is how parents who home school can organize groups that create content for books which can be used in home schooling. There are often cultural, religious or other domain-specific content that people can collaboratively create for home schooling educational purposes. Surely, collaboration would make writing or publishing of high content easier, and the option to self publish eBooks removes lots of costs. Just my thought.

      1. That is a great idea. I have so many book ideas, and no idea where to start! I do love that ebooks makes it a lot easier to write books. It is truly amazing. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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