Free Printable Menu Planner

Free Printable Menu Planner

Free Printable Menu Planners
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My plan is simple. I’m going to tell you how I use my free printable menu planner to help me plan the meals I make for my three teen boys, my husband, and myself.

Basically, I like to inventory what I have first. Then, I make a list of things I can make with what I have on hand, called the weekly menu planner.

A very important step, is to check the sales of course. I like to check a couple of coupon websites, and some apps to see what items I can save money on and make a meal out of.

Next, I add stuff to the list that I want to make meals out of, and add them to the weekly menu planner.

Now it’s time to go shopping!

When you make your weekly meal plan, make sure your most perishable foods are going to be cooked off first, before they go bad.

Download Free Printable Menu Planner

This is the weekly menu planner in a fall theme. Below you can find the same one but as a spring theme.

Free Printable Menu Planners

I like to have an available dinner list, just in case I want to cook something that’s not on the weekly meal planner. Plus, this printable can easily be posted on the fridge.

There’s also a handy dandy place where you can add a couple of things to your shopping list.

Free Printable Menu Planners

Here are these menu planners in a spring theme with lovely pink flowers.

Free Printable Menu Planners
Free Printable Menu Planners

Download Your Free Printable Menu Planners

Also, check out this spring cleaning checklist, from Housewife How to’s! I found it very helpful. Or you can check out MY favorite simple tips for natural cleaning.

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