Free Printable Valentine Word Search - Free Valentine's Printables

Free Printable Valentine Word Search – Free Valentine’s Printables

Free printable Valentine word search
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I got pretty excited about making some free printables for you guys. I made this Free Printable Valentine Word Search today thinking that it will be perfect for the kid’s class homeschool Valentine’s Day party. This would also be great for teachers to share with their students.

I also made a Free Printable Matching Game, that I think you would like too!

Here is what the printable looks like. Below you can find the link to download and print this cute little word search out.

Download Free Printable Valentine Word Search

Grab free on

Also, check out Free Printable Matching Game and 34 Free Valentine Printable

Do you have younger children? This find the letter game from 3 Boys and a Dog would be perfect for them!

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47 thoughts on “Free Printable Valentine Word Search – Free Valentine’s Printables”

  1. Word searches are always so much fun and age really does not matter to play it as it one of the activity that excites anyone so easily. The printable looks great & I am going to download one right away!

    1. I totally agree. They are wonderful to use for a quick spelling lesson! You know what got my kids interested was seeing other people doing them. I also leave them lying around the house too. The kids often pick them up and do the puzzles!

  2. We don’t homeschool but I’ll often print puzzles like these and pop them in my bag with a couple of pens. They’re excellent to amuse the children when we’re unexpectedly held up, waiting for an appointment or even out for dinner.

    Thanks so much for these, they may actually come to the rescue and save my sanity when the inevitable”I’m borrred” starts up!

  3. What a cute idea! I used to LOVE to do word searches because it was something my mom also did when she was pregnant with both of my sisters to pass the time. It made me feel “grown up” to do them along side her even tho we all know they are great for ALL ages! Thank you for sharing this adorable printable!

  4. Valentine printables sounds great! See these can help with surprise notes/cards to the workplace of your significant other. Great idea

  5. Not just wonderful for Homeschoolers either; I have printed some before for my kids’ classmates πŸ™‚ These are a hit everywhere plus, keeps their brains thinking and their minds occupied. Thanks ~ wasn’t sure where I had saved mine… oh, that’s right, on my broke computer that doesn’t work anymore. Huge thanks! Need to re-inventory all my printouts πŸ™

    1. Oh I totally agree, it is good for kids in all school situations! They are great to introduce spelling words! Sorry to hear about your computer. Wouldn’t it be great if they just organized themselves? We need more organization apps in our lives! Thanks for stopping by, I enjoyed your comment!

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