Easy Gourmet Snack | Salmon & Brie with Fruit Spread

Easy Gourmet Snack | Salmon & Brie with Fruit Spread

Salmon & Brie with strawberry jalapeño fruit spread | Gourmet Snack
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Having three boys, means having an endless amount of snacks. My boys and I love to try different cheeses, meats, spreads, and crackers to find new and interesting snacks. We loved this gourmet snack!

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Salmon & Brie Gourmet Snack

Firstly, choose your cheese, you can use a slicing brie or any regular brie you like. You can also choose a spicy and sweet cheese like the one we picked out.

Multigrain crackers, brie, and salmon, gourmet snack

Now gather all of the ingredients, and then open the packages.

Slices of salmon on a slate platter

Secondly, slice up the cheese, slice it as thick or as thin as you like. Conversely, if you are using a super soft brie, just add a small spoonful. With the soft goat cheese and this slicing brie, I used my favorite cheese slicer.

These marble cheese slicers, are fairly inexpensive to buy, and they work so great! Better than any knife I have ever tried!

To begin assembly, place the crispbreads pretty side down. You can see the pretty side below. Don’t those Wasa crispbreads look amazing?

Multigrain crackers by Wasa

Gourmet Snack With Jalapeño Cheese

Construct this snack by layering salmon and cheese on a cracker. Then top them off with fruit spread.

These crackers are big, it only took 2-3 crackers person to get full! Below is a picture of this snack using the jalapeño cheese.

Undoubtedly, the jalapeño cheese turned this gourmet snack pretty spicy, since it was combined with the spiciness of the Smucker’s Fruit Spread.

In addition, it delivered a creamy texture and wonderful flavor. Unfortunately, it was a little spicy, and ended up totally overpowering the salmon.

Salmon and brie with fruit spread, gourmet snack

Gourmet Snack With Brie And Salmon

Below, is a lovely picture using the brie cheese. Without a doubt this slicing brie, is salty, creamy, and delectable.

Additionally, it mixes very well with the fruit spread’s spicy and sweet flavor. It’s bold enough to add just the right amount of flavor. It perfectly melds with all the other flavors, and makes my taste buds dance!

The fruit spread was very tasty, and the perfect compliment to this snack. The crackers provided the perfect crunch.

This is going on our favorite snack list! Get these products and you can spread the heat, like we did!

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32 thoughts on “Easy Gourmet Snack | Salmon & Brie with Fruit Spread”

  1. Thanks for sharing on the hop! Always needing snacks is right! My three year old ate a full breakfast and an hour later, “mom! I’m hungry!” I’ve been trying to incorporate more fish into our diet and this looks delicious! And I make my own goat cheese! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow, I love salmon and this snack looks so amazing. Lox is one of my favorites too! The Smucker’s new fruit and honey jelly sounds so good, especially paired with brie! What a great combination! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and recipe!

  3. Salmon and brie? That’s a very good combination! Thanks for the lovely recipe, it’s so easy to put together! This is perfect for parties as well!

  4. Oh my goodness. They look seriously delicious! The strawberry jalapeño fruit spread is something I need to try. I am going to copy your snack recipe. This would be perfect for game day snacks too.

  5. I used to make a Strawberry Jam mixed with a little Chipotles in Adobo sauce, spread on a Triple Cream Brie that was then baked,,, and eaten on a butter cracker… So Addictive. Your recipe reminds me and makes me want to get some Brie & Salmon…

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