Everything You Should Know About Growing Rosemary

Everything You Should Know About Growing Rosemary

Growing rosemary
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When I first started growing rosemary, I had a hard time. In fact, I killed a few plants at first. I’m sure we all have a couple of plants we struggle with to keep happy and healthy. This one was mine.

Rosemary doesn’t have a lot of needs. It doesn’t want a lot of water, and it doesn’t even require fertilizer. Sounds easy enough right?

Tips for Growing Rosemary

  • Rosemary needs excellent drainage
  • It needs 6-8 hours of sun each day.
  • Only water when the soil is dry.

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4 thoughts on “Everything You Should Know About Growing Rosemary”

  1. One of the few things I can keep alive year round in Fla is rosemary. Def well drained soil and lots of sun. The only time I killed rosemary it was in partial shade and was automatically watered daily. Also, a master gardener told me years ago that if you don’t plant it near your foundation that you should have a chunk of cement or cinderblock nearby because something (maybe lime? I don’t remember) leaches out that the plant loves.

    1. That’s interesting about the cinder block. It was mentioned by another commenter too. She said she only had luck by planting her rosemary in it. I will have to try this method! Sounds like there is some pretty good evidence that it works well!

  2. Hey there I also live in the south where it is hot hot hot my rosemary grows well right out my back patio in my herb garden it gets alot of sun but I could only get rosemary to live and thrive in side of a cinder block I have them around the perminter of my herb garden and it is really growing so I don’t worry it it is such a nice smell when we walk out and brush up against it and I mean it is growing very big and so well. Hope this helps some of the other viewers that have had a hard time with rosemary.

    1. Thanks Debbie! Cinder blocks absorb heat slowly, and release heat more evenly. Maybe that works well for rosemary. Great little trick you’ve found! I ‘ll have to try that out next year. I love the aroma too! It’s such an amazing plant to have around.

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