Hiking Essentials - 10 Must Have Essentials For Hiking

Hiking Essentials – 10 Must Have Essentials For Hiking

Must Have Hiking Essentials
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We all know that food and water are some of the most important hiking essentials, right? BUT…What other items are important to bring on a hike? Even on a short hike, you want to bring safety items, extra food, and maybe some extra clothes.

Why? If you get hurt or lost on the trail, you’ll need some supplies to survive until you get help.

Detailed Hiking Essentials List

  1. Water – Of course you should always hike with plenty of water. An easy way to do this is to grab a hiking bag that also includes a reservoir for water. It’s also smart to carry a personal water filter.
  2. Good Shoes & ClothesProper shoes are extra important. Your feet get you where you want to go, treat them nicely! Wear proper hiking clothes, ones that wick moisture away, keep your feet dry, etc…
  3. Food – Always pack extra food. Protein bars, nuts, jerky, dehydrated fruit, and veggies. For longer hikes also include items like rice, quinoa, oatmeal, pasta. (You’ll also need to pack a travel stove and pan like this)
  4. Navigational Tools – Maps, compass, and GPS.
  5. Sanitation – Biodegradable toilet paper (or wipes if you prefer), feminine products, and hand sanitizer. Also, make sure to include some insect repellent.
  6. First Aid – Before you set out to hike, check your first aid kit and make sure it’s stocked with all of the necessities.
  7. Safety/Emergency ItemsLighter, fire starters, matches, mirror, whistle, flashlight, 2 itineraries (1 in your vehicle and 1 with a friend), mylar blanket, emergency shelter, knife/or even better a Swiss Army Knife, duct tape (wrap some around an old gift card instead of carrying the whole roll), paracord.
  8. Backpack – Depending on the length of your hike you may need a small bag or a large bag. Choose wisely. Find something comfortable and don’t overpack!
  9. Tent & other sleeping necessities – If you plan on staying overnight, you’ll need a good tent, sleeping bag, etc…
  10. Personal Items – Bring your cell phone, Identification, solar charger, and some cash.
Hiking shoes or boots are an important hiking essentials
Good sleeping bag is a hiking essential

Hiking Essentials Short List

The shortlist, a little easier to remember off the top of your head. A more detailed list is below, with product suggestions!

  1. Water
  2. Good Shoes
  3. Food
  4. Navigation tools
  5. Sanitation
  6. First Aid
  7. Safety Items
  8. Backpack
  9. Tent & other necessary supplies
  10. Personal Items

Extra Hiking Gear For Bad Weather

If you’re hiking in the winter or in the rainy seasons you might need to carry some extra gear.

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2 thoughts on “Hiking Essentials – 10 Must Have Essentials For Hiking”

  1. Great list. When we go hiking I tend to overpack. I like this list because it’s short and sweet. These are great hiking essentials. I would like to see a list that’s just for like a day hike though. Not everyone need to keep a tent for a short hike.

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