Homemade Carpet Refresher | Only Two Ingredients

Homemade Carpet Refresher | Only Two Ingredients

DIY carpet refresher
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It is super easy to make homemade carpet refresher. I only happen to use two ingredients. It takes me under a minute to make this simple mixture and I am off refreshing the carpets!

Please note: use this homemade carpet refresher at your own risk. Ask a physician or a vet if you have a pet.

Also, some carpets or other materials may not react well to all ingredients. Test a small spot to make sure it won’t fade the color of the carpet.

Homemade Carpet Refresher Recipe

  • Mix baking soda, with 5-10 drops of lemon essential oil, or any other favorite essential oil.
  • Sprinkle it over the carpet, and then vacuum it up.

Mix it up try different essential oils until you find a favorite. I love lemon essential oil.

It smells completely different than that of a “lemon-scented” cleaner or even a powdered carpet refresher.

You may be surprised how lovely and refreshing lemon essential oil really is.

Next time you find yourself in a health food store, stop by the essential oil aisle and smell it.

They almost always have testers you can use to smell for free! Just remember it’s not perfume, and essential oils should be properly diluted before they have contact with skin.

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