Gift Guide for Homesteaders | Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders
Gift Guide for Homesteaders

Gift Guide for Homesteaders

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There are so many great items in this gift guide for homesteaders. You don’t have to go all out for most homesteaders. Many of us are good with homemade gifts like chap balmpear butter, or something crafty like my fall wreath.

Think of the tasks that your fellow homesteader has to do, and what could make that task a little easier.

They might need a meat grinder, a new washboard, or maybe some cool books to get started homesteading.

Gift Guide For Homesteaders

Homemade Holiday Potpourri

Mulled Wine

DIY Chap Balm

All-Natural Shea Butter Moisturizer

Homesteading Books

Homesteading Books

Homesteading books are a great gift. Especially, for those people who are new to homesteading. If you have a friend just starting out buy them some books, they'll love it!

Holiday Gift Guide for Homesteaders

The best preparedness gift you could give…

Mountain House products are amazing, tasty, and easy to prepare.

Use code MHKWQ4 for 30% (expired) off your order at Mountain!

Mountain House meals under the Christmas tree

Below you’ll find a washboard, clothespins, seed vault, maple tap, mealworms for chickens, organic chicken feed, a variety of chicken lady and goat lady t-shirts and mugs.

Laundry Gifts

Laundry Gifts For Homesteaders

An organized laundry room is a productive one! These are great gifts to someone wishing to pretty up their laundry room or make it more efficient.

Lanterns & Oil Lamps

Lanterns, Oil Lamps, and Candle Holders For Homesteaders

Oil lamps are not only useful, but they have also been used widely as home, and even wedding decorations for many years. These gorgeous lanterns will steal the show, and they will give off a soft light that is inviting and pleasing to the soul.

Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen Gift Ideas For Homesteaders

Here are a few of our favorite things! Pressure cookers, utensils, and some whatnots! We'll be happy with just about any of the items on this list! These make great hostess gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts, and other holiday gifts for homesteaders.

Chicken Lady Gifts | Gift Guide For Homesteaders

I made a whole post on Gifts for Chicken Lovers!

Manual Grinders | Gift Guide for Homesteaders

Manual Grinders | Homesteaders Gift Guide

When I think about being self-sufficient, I think about being able to do difficult tasks without electricity. I like having a mix of manual options for when the power is out. That way I know I don't always have to rely on the system.

Gardening Gifts | Gift Guide For Homesteaders

Gardeners Gift Ideas

You can make a gardener happy by giving them seeds, garden tools, gardening classes, and more!

More Gardening Classes

Fermenter’s Gift Guide:

Below you will find mason jars, airlocks for fermenting, wooden tamper, glass weights, a kombucha starter kit, and a beautiful crock. Click on the pictures they will take you to Amazon.

Fermenter's Gift Guide

I love fermenting food. I ferment some of my garden items. It's a great way to preserve food and make it super tasty at the same time! These items make great gifts!

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