Adding Homeschool to the Homestead

Adding Homeschool to the Homestead

Adding Homeschool to The Homestead
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There’s plenty to learn on the homestead. Adding homeschool to the homestead is one of the best things I’ve done thus far. We enjoy all that extra time together, and we truly have fun learning new things together!

Since starting homeschooling, I’ve found numerous free resources for homeschooling. Many that my boys simply loved. Some of these resources provide fun learning opportunities.

A lot of my favorite things will require your child to have access to the internet.

There will be a few printables also, but I don’t do many of these maybe a couple times a week. Ink prices are terrible!

We sometimes just jot our answers down on a sheet of paper instead of printing out a worksheet if possible. The kids are very used to working on worksheets and they seem to really like them. It may just be what they’re used to doing.

Okay to get started, I want to share a really great homeschool curriculum that is totally free!

Free Homeschool Resources…

Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool 

It says that you can use this without supplementing with anything else. From learning to read all the way through to high school. I do love it but I also use other things.

Some of my kids need to revisit core reading comprehension skills and I have sought out free material for building those skills up. I also, do things like study up on why leaves change color in the fall. It is fitting because it is fall time right now.

This is a place I use to go over our reading comprehension skills.

Garden of Praise is really awesome

I like to use the Bible pages. These are stories I like for the kids to read. At the bottom of each page, there are games, word searches, scrambles, and a test that all tie into the story! I think this is really great for vocabulary building and reading comprehension! Extra plus, they learn about the bible! They have much more to offer than these stories though be sure to search the whole website!

Clifford the Big Red Dog

Sight words Game

Sight words Worksheets – these are really awesome complete with printable flashcards, handwriting practice, coloring pages, matching, and instructions!

Xtramath – is great for memorizing math facts! You can set up multiple students, for free. A lot of sites have it set where the first child is free, but then you have to pay if you have more than one child. Do they not understand that the more children you have the less money you have?!?!

Donna Young’s site is awesome

It might seem funny but I found the cursive animations and Cursive worksheets amazing! The school system stopped teaching children cursive! What! I know, I know! When the boys were still in school, one of their teachers wrote directions on homework in cursive. Haha, yeah I did not think it was funny…

Donna Young’s site seems to have lots of cools stuff going on but I found it just recently, so I encourage to look at the rest of it also!


Check out this 50 free fall printables!

Also, learn about why the leaves change color!

Updates, more resources can be found at Homeschool 102

More updates on our homeschool journey. We ‘e about halfway through our journey in homeschool 102, and I shared a list of how we are happier now that we are homeschooling!

Do you have a favorite free resource for homeschooling items that you would like to share? I would love to add to what I have already!

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    1. Homestead Wishing

      That is awesome Nikki. I found great support and information through local groups on Facebook. Plus, we have a group that gets together for field trips and playground days each week! It is loads of fun for the kids. Good luck!

    1. I appreciate the opportunity to share on the blog hop! Thank you so much! Good luck to your future homeschooling endeavors!

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