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Totally Free Homeschooling Resources | How To Homeschool For Free

Totally Free Homeschooling Resources
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The only money I’ve ever spent on my homeschooling my three boys was at a second-hand shop for books and other helpful items. The other expenses come from paying for the internet and Netflix.

We love using the internet for education. There are so many free games and learning opportunities.

Tips for Homeschooling For Free

You can be as structured, strict, or lax as you want when homeschooling. If the kids are crying though, I advise you to take a step back, and say this isn’t working. Let’s try something different.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring, upsetting, and it shouldn’t be like pulling teeth!

I encourage you to have fun. Learn WITH your children. Play games, and fun activities!

When I was teaching multiplication, we went outside and made up games to help us memorize them. My boys love playing trivia games where they get a candy reward! Who wouldn’t love that? Trivia is a great way to help with those mundane memorization learning skills.

The game we came up with was… I stood at one end and the boys stood about 20 feet away. They would take turns giving me an answer to a multiplication problem. If they were correct they could do take one step forward. Whoever reached me first would get a piece of candy. This game was full of laughs and smiles, mostly because the boys were taking giant steps and getting creative! HAHA!

My boys also enjoy working math problems on a whiteboard vs. doing worksheets. They actually get excited to write on the whiteboard. Can you imagine? Excited about math!?!?!?!

It’s the little things really. Find those little things that puts a smile on your kid’s face, while learning, and DO MORE OF THAT!

Favorite Homeschooling Resources

  • Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool – It says that you can use this without supplementing with anything else. From learning to read all the way through to high school. I do love it but I also use other things. Some of my kids need to revisit core reading comprehension skills and I have sought out free material for building those skills up. I also, do things like study up on why leaves change color in the fall. It is fitting because it is fall time right now.
  • Clarendon Learning – This website has tons of lessons that you can download for free. You have to use the option “leave a review” instead of pay, or you can give them a donation. The lessons are fairly quick, easy, and full of info. They include pictures, worksheets, instructions, and links to other free resources like videos. This is another one of my favorite ways to teach the kiddos. We don’t use all the resources, sometimes I just read the lesson, and we do questions recap after the lesson.
  • – This is a place I use to go over our reading comprehension skills.
  • Garden of Praise is really awesome – I like to use the Bible pages. These are stories I like for the kids to read. At the bottom of each page, there are games, word searches, scrambles, and a test that all tie into the story! I think this is really great for vocabulary and reading comprehension! Extra plus, they learn about the bible! They have much more to offer than these stories though be sure to search the whole website!
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog
  • Sight words Game
  • Sight words Worksheets – These are really awesome. They are complete with printable flashcards, handwriting practice, coloring pages, matching, and instructions!
  •  Xtramath – Is great for memorizing math facts! You can set up multiple students, for free. A lot of sites have it set where the first child is free, but then you have to pay if you have more than one child. Do they not understand that the more children you have the less money you have?!?!
  • Donna Young’s site is awesome! – It might seem funny but I found the cursive animations and Cursive worksheets amazing! The school system stopped teaching children cursive! What! I know, I know! When the boys were still in school, one of their teachers wrote directions on homework in cursive. Haha, yeah I did not think it was funny…

Free Homeschooling Resources

Okay, so in the first post about homeschool (Adding Homeschool to The Homestead) I listed a few of my favorite resources. I want to list some more that I have found since then.

  • Liberty’s kids – They have some cool educational videos and games +more…
  • Science> Sheppard Software (cell anatomy) – I am linking to the page where you can learn about cell structures. It is a cute interactive learning guide.
  • Sheppard Software – also has an amazing amount of games and other fun stuff. I just discovered the rest of the site, because someone linked to the cell page to me, but upon further discovery, I found a whole slew of games and activities! It really looks awesome!
  • Music> Let’s play Kids Music – has Free printable sheet music and lots of other freebies for music!
  • Book Adventure – is something I plan on starting hopefully soon. Kids can read a book offline, like a library book, or one on your bookshelf, and come back to quiz on what they have read. It says they can earn prizes. Not sure what it is. I will try to update this after we have more use with it.
  • Boundless (click on discover to get started) – has amazing resources it seems! Just so many things to learn there! Every subject, oh it is awesome! We are having fun with our cheap microscope I bought just for homeschool. They have so much to read on microscopy!
  • Soft Schools – There are math games, quizzes, and worksheets galore. You can even make your own worksheets! There is basically everything here. Money, science, grammar, word search, geography, holidays, phonics. You name it, they have it. There is so much on this site it is awesome!
  • Big IQ Kids – Needs spelling lists? They have them! Grade level choices too!

I’ve made more lists like this, check them out!

Homeschooling Geography Resources

  1. Fun World Geography Games – You can even learn about volcanoes!
  2. Map Puzzles are colorful and fun!
  3. Try the map maker from National Geographic! You could check out the map maker kits too to learn some new things or get some inspiration on how you could use the map maker.
  4. National Geographic also has map skills for elementary children. You can teach your children how to make a map. You can practice by making a map of your favorite park or your house!
  5. Here are several more free geographical printables!
  6. Timed map quiz and more.
  7. Traveler IQ Challenge has more challenging games. They are super fun though!
  8. Education World has many lessons on geography.
  9. Check out map reading activities by Enchanted Learning. I like this because it is different from all of the games and things.
  10. Toporopa – Countries, states, mountain ranges, seas, capitals, regions, and lakes!

See more Geography homeschooling resources!

It is only a few but I will keep adding as I get more and more awesome things to share. I love that there are so many free resources. Had I known that there were so many free resources maybe I would have started homeschooling sooner!

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Totally Free Homeschooling Resources | How To Homeschool For Free”

  1. So many great resources! Thank you, we are exploring idea for homeschooling our kids. Now that we don’t have much choice in the matter, since the schools here are still closed. WE are looking into possibly doing something closer to unschooling too. Have you ever tried unschooling?

    1. We don’t really do unschooling, but I feel like every homeschooling family kinda does a little bit of it. When you start homeschooling your eyes kinda open to the idea that learning doesn’t just take place in a classroom but all day every day, and everywhere you go!

      We took our dog to the vet, and when he learned they were homeschoolers he jumped on the bandwagon and showed them some heartworms preserved in a jar! Gross but it was informative!

      The cashier at Walmart taught them a lesson on money and how to make sure to stand there and count your money in front of the cashier to make sure you get the correct change back.

      I love when complete strangers get invovled! It’s so fun!

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