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I found some amazing documentaries on Netflix to help teach kids about many subjects. I’ve also included links to lesson plans you can use along with the documentaries. Most of them are free. Homeschooling with Netflix is fun and entertaining!

Homeschooling with Netflix

First, we’ll check out some subjects you could use for Homeschooling with Netflix, along with lesson plans. Most of the lesson plans that I found are free! If you don’t want to bother with lesson plans, just watch any of these documentaries that suit your fancy.


These will give children a chance to learn about the land, people, and animals that live in places around the world. Like a virtual field trip. Check out my blog post of free geography resources.


Africa – This one is from BBC, and is Narrated by: Benedict Cumberbatch & Mike Rowe | You can use free this curriculum to help children learn more about Africa. Also, check out How big is Africa?

Virunga – an Oscar-nominated true story about rangers who risk their lives to save endangered gorillas in Africa’s national park.

Clarendon Learning has a ton of great lessons! Check this one out for Africa.


Netflix Documentaries

Lesson Plans on Oceans


Netflix Documentaries

  • Wild France – There are still places in Europe that are hardly touched by people.
  • Wild North – Explore the forests & rugged coastlines of Norway.
  • National Geographic, has more great (free) ways to learn more about Europe.

Lesson Plans on Europe


Wild China  Check out the Ancient China lesson plans, and check out PBS for more learning about China.

Alaska & Canada

Wild Alaska – Here’s a lesson plans on the Yukon and Alaska by Quest Connect.


India Nature’s Wonderland– Great mountains, deserts, and jungles. Explore India today! Check out a free lesson plan on India.

South America

Perú – Take a beautiful virtual field trip to Perú. Check out Homeschool Creations for a great free lesson on Perú.

Galapagos  – Interesting wildlife, and unlike most of the planet. Check out the weird and beautiful Galapagos Islands.

Lesson Plans

All about South American via Clarendon Learning

Virtual Field Trips | Landmarks

Other Free Geography Lesson Plans


There are plenty of other documentaries but I tried to include ones that were TV-14 at most. Many others are rated TV-MA, and NR.


Lesson Plans


Art Lesson Plan by Age

More documentaries available for streaming as of 09/5/19

  1. Brain Games (SERIES) – This series is very interesting. In the first episode, it shows people how the brain uses shadows to help understand the world around us. It is really very interesting and educational.
  2. Planet Earth: The Complete Collection – I bought this on DVD when it came out many years ago. It is so good.
  3. Life – Discover life on Earth.
  4. Life Story – Following wild animals in their natural habitat.
  5. The Last Man on the Moon
  6. Nature’s Great Events – Weather patterns, and seasonal events that create awesome wildlife events.
  7. The Pyramid Code – The truth about the pyramids have arrived.
  8. Blackfish – Animal slaves for entertainment are dying in their own prisons, due to lack of food, space, and quality nutrition. Countless animals die each year for the sake of human curiosity. Boycott zoos, and marine shows who are just trying to make money off these poor animals.
  9. Tales by Light – Check out the physical extremes photographers go through to get that shot. What’s it really like to be one of the world’s top photographers?
  10. Forces of Nature –  Explaining complex natural forces like shape, color, motion and more.
  11. Our Planet -Emmy Nominated – Watch the planet’s amazing diverse creatures.
  12. Terra – A documentary about the relationship between living creatures and humans.
  13. Weird Wonder Of The World
  14. 72 Most Dangerous Animals
  15. 72 Cutest Animals
  16. Naledi – A baby elephant’s tail
  17. The Ivory Game – Exposing ivory trafficking
  18. Last Chance to See – Animal species that are near extinction.
  19. Beak & Brain – Genius birds
  20. Round Planet – A unique twist to the story of our planet.
  21. Bugs – The benefits of bugs as a future food source.
  22. Frozen Planet
  23. Minimalism
  24. Growing up Wild


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