Homesteader Must-Haves

Homesteader Must-Haves

Homesteader must haves
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I don’t know about you, but there are a couple of homesteader must-haves I need every day to keep my homestead going. I hope you’ll enjoy the product review for Sloggers also.

Homesteader Must-Haves

  1. Chickens – The gateway animal. Once you have chickens, you will find yourself wanting every other farm animal in existence.
  2. Sloggers – When you have all of these animals or even just a dog, Sloggers are awesome to have for walking around the yard, (possibly in poop!) They are easy to clean, comfortable, and they fit just right!
  3. Knife – I need a knife on the homestead on a daily basis. It never fails!
  4. Twine – Another thing I need often is twine. You never know when you have to tie something up or rig something and twine does a good job. I love this twine and scissor set. I use it so often, it’s earned a place on my kitchen counter!
  5. Alcohol – I don’t suggest using too much at one time, but after a hard day’s work, a nightcap does the trick!
  6. Basic tool set – Being self-sufficient means fixing what you can with what you have. Having a nice set of tools helps!
  7. More tools – Every homestead needs a good hatchet or ax, maybe a chain saw.
  8. Garden tools – Here’s a great list of my favorite gardening tools.
  9. Wooden spoons – If you’re cooking with cast iron wooden spoons are your best friend!
  10. Awesome kitchen appliances such as Instant Pot, Slow cooker, Kitchenaid Mixer.
  11. Manual Kitchen appliances – For when the power is out! I like to have a manual food chopper, coffee grinder, grain grinder, meat grinder, and most importantly a french press coffee maker.
  12. Other livestock such as goats, ducks, pigs, etc…
  13. Long term food supply
  14. Books – Grab some books on subjects that you haven’t learned about yet, like beekeeping for example.

Shopping List For Homesteader Must-Haves

I hope you enjoyed my fun little list! Please stick around for my review of Sloggers.

Have you seen these garden shoes? I have been eyeballing these babies for a year or more now. I finally got the chance to have some. I want to tell you all about them!

Update: I still have these shoes, I wear them every day. They still look and feel great. They work perfectly for what I use them for. I still love these shoes after 4 years of ownership!

They are comfortable, easy to clean, they fit perfectly, and I love the design! My husband received a pair of Sloggers also, and they fit him perfectly too. We needed these shoes mostly so that we could have slip-on shoes right by the door. There are times when we have to go outside and defend our flock of chickens against predators. Having slip-on shoes makes all the difference. Our chickens are free-range during the day, so running outside at night barefoot is not a good idea. You are sure to step in poo…

Slogger Pros:

  • Waterproof
  • Comfortable
  • All-day comfort insoles, keep you comfortable all day long.
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Some come with half-sizer insoles for free.
  • Great traction
  • Made with medical-grade material, which means they don’t have a natural odor like many cheaper made products.
  • Made with recyclable material.
  • When you are done with them, you can turn them back into sloggers and they will make you are new pair! Talk about reuse and recycle.  This is FANTASTIC!

Check out the shoes that I got – Waterproof Comfort Shoes in Black Pansy
5 homesteader must haves. This is a cute and funny little blog post about 5 things you must have if you are a homesteader. Plus, a Sloggers product review! | Homestead Wishing | Author, Kristi Wheeler | Homesteader, homesteading, homestead | |

My husband got these – Black Rain & Garden Shoe
5 homesteader must haves. This is a cute and funny little blog post about 5 things you must have if you are a homesteader. Plus, a Sloggers product review! | Homestead Wishing | Author, Kristi Wheeler | Homesteader, homesteading, homestead | |

I don’t know about you but I really would rather not step barefoot in poo. Eww! My husband and I are so happy with our new Sloggers!

Check out my video review of sloggers! It’s a super quick video!

DaddyKirby Farms also did a video review of sloggers, check that out.

I had my sloggers on today while watering the plants, and I stepped in chicken poo. I just took my shoes over to the water hose, and sprayed it right and off and put the shoes back on. It cleaned off so easily!

How wonderful, right? I thought so too! I have not found any cons to these shoes. I would tell you if I did for sure, but so far we love them! They seem really durable, and I hope to have them for a couple of years!

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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2 thoughts on “Homesteader Must-Haves”

  1. They probably aren’t as easy to put on and off, but up here on the coast we use gumboots (rubber boots). They have high tops so you can slog into the edge of the ocean or lakes like we live on. They are also very helpful for deep poo in a pen for large animals. When I kept my horse at a stable and she was in a community pen, high top gumboots were a must to entice her out during the rainy season. – Margy

    1. Sloggers has higher shoes also, and they have rain boot styles. I got the short ones thinking it would be fine for just rooting around the yard. They work perfectly unless it rains! The rain can be pretty heavy here when it does come, In rainy situations I think I need a high top on them. I do like the sloggers so much that I will get some rain boots from them also. That way in the rain I can have something to wear. The short shoes work well in the summer, it gets super hot here, so high boots are just too much! I do enjoy having shoes just for outside though. I constantly step in chicken poop. Eventually, I hope to have the chickens in a fenced in area to alleviate that problem… Thanks for stopping by!

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