Homesteading Journey | What is Homesteading to You?

Homesteading Journey | What is Homesteading?

My Journey Homesteading
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What is homesteading anyway? Today homesteading has a new meaning to most. It’s whatever you want it to be. What home means to you. To most people, it’s about being more self-reliant.

I started my journey by beginning to make more and more recipes from scratch. The more I looked at labels, the less I wanted to buy the processed foods that had been previously ruling our kitchen.

We lived in a suburban area, and many of the homesteading things I was interested in wasn’t exactly possible there.

We had a huge yard, and I wanted to build a garden. However, we had so many trees that there was little to no sun in the yard.

I also wanted chickens, but with neighbors being so close, and many of them owning dogs, it didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.

Years went by, and then we finally moved to a more country type setting. Where owning chickens, and growing a garden was possible.

We live on 5 acres. We have about 20 chickens or more, 2 ducks and a dog.

I have a garden, where I love to grow herbs and a few vegetables.

Over the years I’ve learned how to make so many things myself. We’ve built 3 chicken coops, after learning that store-bought ones don’t hold up very well.

Our journey was slow when I compared it to others. However, I’m happy with where we are.

There are so many more ideas of what homesteading could mean to you, and to me and we will not all be exactly alike but that is just fine with me! We were made to be different!

Check out what we’ve been up to since we started homesteading… Maybe it will give you some inspiration!

In my homesteading journey so far, I’ve learned to make a great deal of homemade items.

I’ve made things like lip balm, and laundry detergent because it was cheaper to make them myself. Below you will find DIY recipes, and food recipes, and a good amount of posts on frugality.

I’ve mastered cooking from scratch for my family and many ways to preserve food.

Many of my recipes on this blog are quick and easy if you like that sort of thing.

We’ve been raising chickens for several years now, and last year we added ducks! Ducks are so much fun!

Here’s a giant list of some of the blog posts I’ve written about my homesteading journey. I hope these help you start your journey!

Homemade Items on The Homestead

Canning Recipes on The Homestead

Dinner Recipes From The Homestead

Soup Recipes From The Homestead

Side Dishes/Condiments/Spice Mixes

Homesteading Dessert Recipes


Homesteading Breakfast Recipes

Fermenting Recipes

Holiday Recipes & Other Helpful Holiday Stuff

Ways to Be Frugal While Homesteading

Raising Chickens & other Poultry | Homesteading

There are many books on Amazon for raising poultry. Here’s some to check out. If you’re interested in any of these below, just click on them and it will take you to Amazon.

Or you can check your local library or bookstore. Below the books, you will find a whole bunch of articles to help get you started with raising chickens.

Posts all About Chickens/Ducks

Raising Goats

There are several books on Amazon about goats. Before I start something I usually start with research.

You can click on each book and it will take you to Amazon if you want to buy them, or you can see if your local library has them to check out for free.

Below the books are some posts I found on Goats. Below the books are a couple of posts I found from fellow homesteaders to help you get started raising goats.

Posts about Goats

Raising Pigs

There are plenty of books about raising pigs on Amazon. You can check them out below. Click on them if you want to see them on Amazon. You could also check your local library to see if you can check them out for free! Check out the posts on raising pigs, find them below the books.

Posts about Pigs

Raising Cows

It looks like there are plenty of books on Amazon about raising cows too. Click the books that you are interested in to take you to Amazon or see if your local library carries them.

Posts about Cows


Check out a couple of the books I found on Amazon. I need to add a couple of these to my reading list this year! I don’t know about you but I would love to do some vertical gardening this year! You can also check your local library for these books.

Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books

Posts about Gardening

Popular Homesteading Books on Amazon

Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books
Homesteading books


I homeschool my boys, and I use mostly free resources. Check out some of my favorites!

What’s Left in my Homesteading Journey?

  • Turning my brown thumb green – I need a homestead garden!
  • Learning about and purchasing essentials oil
  • Owning my own land, and home
  • I want chickens!
  • Goats?
  • What about pigs?
  • Being more self-reliant
  • Learn more skills
  • Outside laundry washing station
  • Outside fully loaded kitchen
  • Building or buying a better chicken coop
  • Adding ducks to the homestead

Thank you for reading about my journey so far!

Want to check out what other homesteaders definitions of homesteading? Check out’s definition.

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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