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If you freeze ground beef the right way, it’ll be much easier to work with when it comes time for cooking. These techniques can cut time, when cooking from frozen, or even when defrosting meat.

How I Get The Most Out Of My Ground Beef

I usually break these packages up into two. That’s right I usually use about 2.25 lbs per meal. These boys eat a lot! When I make tacos, it’s never enough. Even though I have been stretching ground beef as far as I can by adding one simple ingredient.

How To Freeze Ground Beef

So I used to freeze ground beef by cutting it in half and simply placing it in a freezer bag. This is problematic when you go to cook a large frozen brick of frozen beef, it takes forever!

If you flatten it out it will cook much faster, and more evenly. While you flatten it, you want to place it in your skillet you usually use to cook ground beef in.

This will help later down the road also, because if you flatten it and it doesn’t fit, you may end up trying to cut into frozen beef at the last minute or even having to order pizza instead!

Confession time: Been there, done that! Lol.

freeze ground beef

The first step is to buy a big package of ground beef of course!

Frozen ground beef, then what? How to package ground beef for freezer. How to freeze ground beef. How to cook frozen ground beef.

Get some gallon sized freezer bags out, label and date them!

freeze ground beef

Divide your meat however you see fit and place it in a labeled freezer bag.

Frozen ground beef, then what? How to package ground beef for freezer. How to freeze ground beef. How to cook frozen ground beef.

Place ground beef in the skillet you usually use for browning the ground beef.

freezing ground beef

Press down on the meat to flatten it out.

freezing ground beef

Get it as a flat as you can – about 1 or 2 inches thick.

freezing ground beef

Corners tend to be a problem when trying to fit them into a round pan.

freezing ground beef

Take your thumb and push in the corners.

freezing ground beef

Here is my stack of beef to freeze. This is two packs of 4.5 lbs divided.

beef in a plastic bag

That’s a lot of beef!

beef in the freezer

Lay the ground beef down flat, in the freezer.

How To Freeze Ground Beef

  1. Buy a large package of ground beef.
  2. Get out some gallon-sized freezer bags, label and date them.
  3. Divide it into portions as you see fit.
  4. Place ground beef into a freezer bag.
  5. Place it in the pan, and press down on it until it is flattened to about 1-2 inches thick.
  6. Make sure to press your thumbs in the corners to round it out if using a round pan.
  7. Lay it flat in the freezer, at least until it is frozen then you can stand it up to have more room if you need to.

How To Cook Beef While Frozen

Using scissors cut a slit down the side of the plastic zip bag to remove the meat from the bag.

beef in a plastic bag

Place the ground beef in a large skillet. Cook on medium heat.

Place a lid on the pan if you have one. This will decrease the amount of cooking time.

cooking beef

Cook on one side for 10-15 minutes. Scrape off any browned meat on the topside.

Then flip it over.

Scrape off the browned beef, and then repeat this process. Cook, scrape, flip…

cooking beef

Repeating the cooking on one side, and flipping until you have successfully cooked all of the meat.

Cooked beef

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How to Freeze Ground Beef