How to Store Homemade Bread - Freezer Instructions

How to Store Homemade Bread | Storage Options

How to Store Homemade Bread
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If you’re just starting out making your own bread, you may have realized already that it gets stale very quickly! In this post, I’ll teach you how to store homemade bread. Check out my amazing recipe for Homemade bread.

Store Homemade Bread Without it Turning Stale

Method 1: Bread Box

There used to be a time when most kitchens had a bread box. The bread box (I have one like this and love it) is a great way to keep bread fresh for a few days. They usually have little holes that allow a little bit of air circulation.

Method 2: Storing in different mediums

Paper Bags – If you go to a store and buy bread from the deli, it’s usually sold in a paper bag. Paper bags (like this) as you know will keep bread from anywhere from 2-5 days.

Natural Linen Bag – I would prefer these over a paper bag any day. They look nice, and they seem to keep the bread just a little bit better.

Method 3: Freezing – For Long Term Storage

  • When the bread finishes baking,
  • Take it out of the pan immediately.
  • Let it rest 30 minutes to an hour or until it is completely cooled.
    For sandwich bread, slice it up.
  • Add freezer paper between each slice
  • Then, stuff them into a gallon-sized plastic zip freezer bag. Then, into the freezer, it goes.

Other breads will depend solely on how you will use it. I slice the sandwich bread so that I can take out (for example) two pieces to make a sandwich for lunch but the rest stays in the freezer for another day. If you need it whole you may leave it whole.

Last for about a month in the freezer, or if you vacuum pack it, it could last up to six months.

A helpful tip for storing homemade bread:

I use freezer paper (here’s the one I use) in between the slices. I reuse these also in order to save money etc. When I’m done using them, I place them on a hand towel or kitchen towel and let them dry.

When the freezer paper is dry I wipe them off to get any crumbs off. If you don’t do this they will get moldy from the crumbs and the moisture. This has worked well for me!

How to thaw out the bread to use it?

You can let it thaw at room temperature wrapped in a cloth to catch some of the moisture.
Another option is to place it in the oven for just a little while.
A toaster works great for sliced bread.
I also used to use a griddle and make hot sandwiches with them.

I store my bread in a plastic freezer bag (gallon size). It should last me about a month in the freezer this way.

Wah la! Just look at that beautiful loaf! Now, what to do?

Slice it up! I use a large bread knife.  They look like this.

Now, take freezer paper and cut it into squares, and place it between the slices. This will keep the bread from sticking together when we freeze it!

Now, a reader told me this was impossible, but here is picture proof that a 2-pound loaf will fit into a gallon-sized bag! Don’t tell me to do the impossible, because hunny I will!

How to Store Homemade Bread | Freezer Directions


  1. Let bread rest for 30 minutes after baking.
  2. Slice it.
  3. Use freezer paper in between the slices.
  4. Stuff it into a gallon-sized plastic zip freezer bag or two.
  5. Place it into the freezer!
  6. Thaw on a griddle or in a pan.
  7. Eat a delicious sandwich!

I hope this helps you in your endeavors to make and store your own bread! I am so glad that I made the switch!

If it’s healthy and frugal, I’m all in on it! I love making things at home, and can’t wait to find the next thing to start making myself. Want to see a great recipe for sandwich bread?

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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8 thoughts on “How to Store Homemade Bread | Storage Options”

  1. What I do is
    1) in plastic bag in freezer
    2) defrost in the bag closed at room temp
    (To keep the hydration of the loaf the same else it would be very dry)
    3) once defrosted take out of bag and then spray it with bit of water and put in 190c oven until it crisps up again.
    This only works for baguettes and crusty breads. Hope this helps.

    Remember main concern when storing bread is either trying to keep as much water as possible in there or getting rid of it completely Wich will leave you with croutons

  2. I make 2 loaves at a time. Slice up the first and put it in a bag on the counter. It’s usually eaten in 2-4 days….no problem with freshness. The second loaf gets wrapped in plastic wrap and put in a bag then frozen. Let thaw in the fridge then do the same as the first. Tastes wonderful.

    1. Do you use a plastic zip bag, or what kind of bag for the one that sits out? I have tried many different ways to keep mine from going stale overnight, but it never works for me. Maybe it is just my bread recipe that I use. Do you use preservatives in your bread?

      1. I read a tip somewhere that said to put the bread in a small brown paper bag (such as a lunch size bag) and just fold the end shut, then place that in a plastic bag loosely closed (such as a bread bag with a plastic tab), so I tried that. My husband said he thought it did help preserve the freshness that way!

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