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If you’re looking for a great way to master math skills IXL is great! They cover Pre-K – 8th grade, with the addition of Algebra 1 & 2, geometry and precalculus.  They also have language arts, it covers 2nd – 12th grade. With science and social studies coming soon sometime in 2015! Here’s my IXL Math Program Review

IXL Website Review

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IXL Math Program Review

Please check out IXL’s website. You can try 20 problems free every day, I believe. That way you can see for yourself if you think it is a good fit for your kiddos!


There are a couple different rewards. The kids like the game board rewards, where they get to reveal the hidden prize that their hard work earned. They also have awards certificates that are printable! I think I will frame a couple of them for my boys to be proud of all of their hard work.

A Couple of Cool Facts

You can get updates via email, to see how your child is doing with the program. It will tell you when your child masters a skill!

They have a handy little username and password cards that you can print out.

There are days of the week, seasons, calendar and time skills too.

The Point System

The score is visible to the kids while they are working on mastering a skill. The score fluctuates a lot. If you get one right the points will increase a couple of numbers, but if you get it wrong it goes down several. This really frustrated my kids. I wish that they couldn’t see the score or maybe the system could have them study one skill for 5-10-20 minutes so they don’t get burned out. I usually just time them myself. Then we may move on to a different skill.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

I quickly learned that this is a place to practice what you’ve already learned. It’s not the place to learn new skills. There are only questions that I’ve seen, and no actual teaching the children. I would have loved to see some kind of examples or lessons of some kind.

At IXL, I did like that when they get it wrong, it explained why it was wrong and how to do the problem correctly. Although, for most of the explanation you need to scroll down for and my sneaky child would just hit the button at the top that takes him to the next question instead of reading the helpful hints! It would be better if there was only a button located below the helpful hints, maybe?

Another thing that I like about this program is if you’re studying a certain thing in math they mostly likely cover it. The wide variety of things you can practice is amazing, and unlike any other website, I ‘ve seen. I think that maybe next year when we have gone over things like multiplication, decimals, and fractions this will be the perfect place to go practice!

Let’s talk mobile baby…

Yes, IXL is mobile, you may not know it though. I did not see it on the website anywhere I just happened to stumble upon it when looking at the kindle (they also support iPad and android). I also searched for it on the website under mobile, apps, and mobile app, and it did not bring up any results, but a quick google search brings it right up. Here is the link to get the mobile app. I only see math on this mobile app.

If language arts is on there I couldn’t find it. Maybe they will bring that out soon! It would be cool to see a quirky grammar mobile app for kids and adults, because let’s face, it some of us need the help! So IXL should definitely advertise that they are on mobile like right on the header of their website so that customers know about it!

Also, I noticed while playing with the mobile app, I put the Kindle to sleep and immediately went back into the app, and it had already logged me out.

I wish that there was a way to keep a child logged in, because if you are in the car or at the doctor’s office you may not be able to help your children log back in/remember the password off the top of your head, etc… You could use those handy printable user/password cards they have, but you would have to make sure that they somehow stay with your mobile device. Maybe tape it on the inside of the tablet holder or if there is a pocket it could go there.

So my overall thoughts are that I like IXL and I would love to continue to use it especially to help us keep fresh on things that we are learning! I think it would be a great resource to use just to remind our brains of what we already know and to master skills that may be lacking.

Next up in this series is my review of iXL’s language arts program! When it is posted I will place a link here.

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This is the iXL website review. Take a look at what a homeschooler's mom thought about the website! Is ixl a the place to study math and language arts?