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Meals In A Jar | Using Dry Ingredients Only

Meals in a jar
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The idea behind this whole post is to not only help you learn how to use your long term food storage to make delicious meals, but have meals that are already put together and ready to cook. Meals in a jar can be a delicious treat in disastrous times.

These meals in a jar are really easy to put together, and if you have enough pantry room, you can construct plenty of ready to cook meals!

Meals in a jar

I’ve included a list for breakfast, dinner, dessert, soups, and even drink mixes! Many preppers may leave out drink mixes in their prepper efforts. However, drinking plain old water gets old. Sometimes, you just need a little flavor. Also, sometimes it’s nice to have a hot drink like cocoa.

These meals make great gifts to anybody really. Who wouldn’t like getting a meal in a jar? They don’t even have to be preppers to acknowledge that it’s a pretty cool gift. These meals in a jar would be especially loved by people who love to camp or go hiking.

Breakfast: Meals In A Jar

  1. Almond Pancake Mix
  2. Camper’s Eggy Delight
  3. Apple Pie Oatmeal (Instant)
  4. Breakfast Omelet
  5. Grits: Add grits, powder cheese, powder butter to a jar.
  6. Oatmeal
  7. Hearty Pancake Mix
  8. Whole Grain Pancake Mix

Meals/Dinners/Sides: Meals In A jar

  1. Sloppy Joes, Onion Roll, Chili, Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry, Alfredo, Scalloped Potatoes, Mac N’ Cheese, Instant Cheese Soup, Chocolate Cherry Pancakes, Taco Beef & Cheese,
  2. Chicken Alfredo
  3. Rosemary Chicken and Rice
  4. Sausage Lasagna
  5. Chicken and Rice
  6. Thai Chicken in Spicy Peanut Sauce
  7. Beefy Spanish Rice
  8. Jambalaya
  9. Kicked Up Mac n Cheese
  10. Kansas City Chicken BBQ
  11. Mac and Cheese
  12. Baked Ziti
  13. Stuffed Chicken and Gravy
  14. Chili
  15. Quiche
  16. Chili Mac
  17. Spaghetti Sauce with Meat
  18. Hawaiian Style Teriyaki Beef
  19. Hearty Chili
  20. Curried Rice Mix
  21. Creamy Herbed Rice Mix
  22. Herbed Rice Mix
  23. Lemon Dill Rice
  24. Pot Roast Gravy Over Mashed Potatoes
  25. Refried Beans
  26. Chicken Flavored Rice Mix
  27. Yellow Rice Mix

Soup: Meals In A Jar

  1. Quinoa & Chicken Soup
  2. Creamy Wild Rice Mushroom Soup
  3. Palouse Soup
  4. Potato Soup
  5. Soup Starters
  6. Split Pea Soup
  7. Beef Barley Soup
  8. Beefy Bean Soup
  9. Buffalo Chicken and Rice
  10. Chicken and Rice Soup
  11. Cream Soup Mix
  12. Creamy Tomato Soup
  13. Curried Lentil Soup, Blue Cornbread with Pineapple, Christmas Cookies, Panettone, Spiced Hot Cocoa
  14. Ham Sausage and Bean Soup
  15. Instant Cheese Soup 
  16. Layered Dried Bean Soup
  17. Hamburger Stew, Taco Soup, Stroganoff, Turkey Noodle Casserole, Turkey Skillet,
  18. Tortilla Soup
  19. Turkey Noodle Soup
  20. Zombie Soup Mix
  21. Painted Desert Chili in a Jar


  1. Tropical Mango-Berry Cobbler
  2. Cookies
  3. Cornmeal Cookies

Powdered Drink Mix in a Jar

  1. Mocha Cocoa
  2. Cappuccino Mix
  3. Chai Tea Mix
  4. Fireside Coffee Mix
  5. French Vanilla Cocoa Mix
  6. Snowman Soup

Meals in Jars Books

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Meals in a jar

7 thoughts on “Meals In A Jar | Using Dry Ingredients Only”

  1. This is an awesome list thank you for gathering all these together.

    I’m working on building up my pantry with easy to make disaster meals.

  2. I love that you made a list with dry ingredients. Most of the meals in a jar search results pulled up salad like recipes or cookies. I was so happy when I found your article! Thank you for finding all of these recipes!

        1. If I was going to add any meat, I would add vegan/vegetarian meat,or I would just skip the meat and add dry or canned beans such as chickpeas or lentils

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