New Year's Dinner Recipes | Recipe For The New Year

New Year’s Dinner Recipes | Recipe For The New Year

New Year's Dinner Recipes
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We had a fantastic first day of the New Year.  I thought it would be a great idea to share the New Year’s Dinner Recipes with everyone!

It’s traditional to cook black eyed peas for luck, they’re supposed to represent coins. Collard greens are for money, and they are supposed to represent wealth. Cornbread is for gold. Pork is for moving forward and it also represents prosperity.

Pigs dig into the dirt with their noses, pushing the dirt in a forward motion. Traditionally, we don’t use chicken or cows. The chicken roots backwards, which could mean that we are either taking a step back or looking into the past. Cows tend to stand and graze not moving forward or backwards, mostly standing still.

We all want to move forward this year, not backwards and certainly not standing still. So a big ole ham should do the trick right? I did not end up cooking a ham for Christmas so it was nice to make one. It is my favorite kind of meat. I am not a big fan of turkey.

If you’re looking for some great New Year’s Dinner recipes, I have a couple of them posted on my blog already, and the others I describe below how we fixed them. They are pretty simple to put together, so I didn’t write up recipes for them.

New Year’s Dinner Recipes

Deviled Eggs

The Best Holiday Ham Recipe

Potato Salad

The recipes I don’t have posted are:

  • Cornbread, which we just used corn meal and followed the directions.
  • Collard greens, we just added some kale and salt and cooked them for a couple hours on low once we got them boiling.
  • The black eyed peas cooked for a couple of hours. We added a dash of olive oil, sea salt, and 3 cups of juice from the ham.

May your new year be wonderful, blessed and progressive! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful year and that God brings blessings to you all.

I’m so happy to have such amazing fans and readers. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

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wine bottle with colorful lights inside, with a note sticking out that says "dream"

Also, do you have any favorite New Year’s Dinner Recipes that you just love and want to share?

I would love to hear about your traditions on this holiday, tell me in the comments!

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