Online Writing Courses For Homeschoolers | Review Of Night Zookeeper

Online Writing Courses For Homeschoolers | Review Of Night Zookeeper

Online writing courses for homeschoolers
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Are you looking for some amazing online writing courses for homeschoolers? Well, I’ve found just the one! Night Zookeeper is an award-winning online writing curriculum full of online learning games like interactive writing games, spelling games, grammar lessons, and much more! This program is great for homeschoolers, public schoolers, and for virtual or remote learning alike…

This program can help build vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and creative writing skills. Not to mention it’s really easy on the parents! You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like. Once you get your kid started, they should be able to navigate the website, play games, do challenges all by themselves!

Why Would A Homeschool Mom Need An Online Writing Course For Homeschoolers?

I just want to be real with you guys…Two out of three of my kids hate every single writing assignment I give them! They fill out worksheets just fine, they are fine with math, or science…but writing they despise! It can be so difficult to get them to learn about something they hate. However, I’ve learned over the years if you can make it fun, they typically get into it…

Other than finding some Mad Libs for kids and doing some games in real life, I haven’t found a fun writing program that worked for them until now… It’s been a struggle…But no more!

I was really excited when I saw that it helped reinforce some of the things I’ve taught in the classroom. Especially, since it seems to be forgotten so easily! When kids learn in fun ways it is more likely to stick!

I’m happy to be working with Night Zookeepers. This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. However, I am being compensated to share more about their program with you! I only share about programs or products that I really think work and that are relevant to my audience.

Online Writing Courses For Homeschoolers

The online website I’ll be discussing today is called Night Zookeeper…Sounds weird but…that’s the whole theme…And it’s such a fun theme if you ask me!

So many games and other activities

What Is Night ZooKeeper? | Online Writing Courses For Homeschoolers

Night Zookeeper is an award-winning and creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12+ year olds. 

It’s called Night Zookeeper because kids get to become night zookeepers!

With Night Zookeeper kids can collect animals and even create new ones! They can even use some of these little zoo animals in some of the games they play. They can grow their collection of animals and their zoo by playing and learning.

It’s a lot of fun for the kids while they learn to write!

fun learning games

What Kind Of Learning Opportunities Are There?

  • Spelling challenges
  • Punctuation and capital letters
  • Reading comprehension
  • Grammar skills
  • Writing skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Creative writing skills

To be a good writer a kid needs to learn about spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and creative writing. I have to say Night ZooKeeper has all of that!

What I like most about this program is that many of the challenges are in game form. My kid was so focused while learning. I was ecstatic! I am big on fun learning games! If you didn’t know already! I’ve written posts about all kinds of homeschool resources.

Gain spelling, vocab, and grammar skills

Why I Think Night ZooKeeper Is Awesome!

Night Zookeeper has a ton of activities and several really fun games. I like that they have a variety of activities and a program that keeps them moving from one task to the next.

I asked my youngest son to do at least 10 minutes with Night Zookeeper a day, but he ended up playing for much longer. His writing skills have gotten better and I didn’t have to do anything but help him get started! I’m the kind of homeschool mom that does some hands-on teaching but I also like to have some hand-off teaching so that kids can learn all by themselves! A little bit of independence is nice not only for kids but for moms too!

There are some things that really stand out about Night Zookeeper from other online writing courses for homeschoolers. …Below are some of the biggest reasons why I think it’s truly awesome!

Awesome Facts About Night Zookeeper

  • Age-Appropriate Challenges
  • Writing Prompts – These including Minecraft writing prompts, recipes, Island life, Roblox, Dinosaurs, and more!
  • Games, games, and more games!
  • Weekly Lessons that include an interactive video, and they teach core writing skills!
  • Vocabulary – Helps increase a kid’s vocabulary!
  • Punctuation and Capitals – This has really been a big help for me and my kid!
  • Book Reports – Your kid can learn how to write a book report!
  • Tutors actually check their work and give feedback!
  • Publishing Opportunities and weekly competitions with real-life prizes!
  • Platform Theme – The theme is not only fun but keeps kids interested and wanting to come back for more!
  • Friends – Your kids have an opportunity to make friends from around the world. However, you can turn this option off!
  • Artist – If your kid is interested in being an artist…They may love this program because they get the chance to draw. My kid loves it and has come up with some pretty cool animals to add to his zoo!
  • FREE Monthly Educational Printables
  • Best For Last – The most important thing about this program is that I’ve seen improvement in my child’s core writing skills…Like never before! This program is truly amazing and so easy for parents and rewarding for the kids.
kid playing night zookeepers

Questions About These Online Writing Courses For Homeschoolers…

What Age Is Night Zookeeper Made For?

Night Zookeeper is great for ages ranging from 5 to 12+ year olds. The games are great and keep kids focused and interested while they learn!

Does Night Zookeeper have an app?

Not currently. However, kids can access this website anywhere they can get online, via a laptop, desktop, or even a tablet. It’s best when using Safari, or Google Chrome web browsers.

Night zookeeper online writing courses for homeschoolers

Is Night Zookeeper only for homeschoolers?

NO! Any kid can benefit from fun learning experiences. If you have a kid who struggles to write in a school setting, why not try to invite them to play some fun games while they learn?! This program is great for public school kids, private schoolers, unschoolers, and even those of us who use an umbrella school!

What if I have multiple kids?

Multiple kid pricing comes with a discount! Pricing for 1-3 kids can be found below. If you have more than that, you can contact them while signing up to get special pricing!

Can I keep track of my kid’s progress?

Why yes you can! Using the parent dashboard you can see the animal creations they’ve made, the feedback they’ve gotten from tutors, and awards they’ve received!

Does Night Zookeeper come with a free trial?

Yes! A 7-day free trial. Which I think is really important before buying any kind of curriculum. You have to make sure that your kid actually likes it! Preferably before paying right?

Can I cancel the free trial easily?

Yes! If you decide to back out and not buy the subscription, you can easily go online and click to cancel!

Is Night Zookeeper free?

No, it’s not free, but their pricing is more than fair! Especially, for what you get! Plus, you can get 50% off today on a yearly subscription using my link!

After we sign up, how do we get started?

Night Zookeeper has a wonderful parent guide that can help walk you through each step.

How Much Does Night Zookeeper Cost?

Using my link, you not only get a 7-day trial but 50% off the yearly subscription price! How awesome is that? These prices are really great if you ask me, I haven’t found a better program that teaches kids to write. It’s worth every penny!

The price for the yearly subscription is usually around $119.98 a year! With the 50% off it’s only $59.99 (for one kid)! That’s like paying only $5 dollars a month! For 2-3 kids you’ll only pay $77.99 a year! If you have more than 3 kids use the contact button when signing up to get special pricing..

They do have other pricing features…Like if you would rather pay monthly instead of paying annually, or maybe you’d like to only pay for 3 months? Yep, they’ve got that too. But…the yearly plan is the only one with the discount!

  • $12.99/monthly – monthly payment plan, 7-day trial included!
  • 11.33/monthly – Three-month plan ($33.99 paid upfront) 7-day trial included!
  • $5.00/monthly – Annual plan ($59.99 paid upfront) 7-day trial included! Discount Included!

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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Online writing courses for homeschoolers

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