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Pinecone Ginger is absolutely stunning. It’s not only a beautiful plant but it smells amazing, and Pinecone Ginger has many uses! I first saw this in my own backyard. It looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

Like the most beautiful alien flower you could imagine. The colors are truly amazing. At first they are mostly green, but as the days go on, the rhizome gains some really amazing variations of colors of pink, redish-pink, or golden-yellow.

Finally, a little white flower blooms on the top and/or on the sides of the rhizome. So let’s look at the Pinecone Ginger Uses

Pinecone Ginger Goes by Many Names

Shampoo Ginger, Awapuhi Kuahiwi (Hawaii), Pinecone Lily, Bitter Ginger, Wild Ginger, and also the scientific name is Zingiber Zerumbet.

As the rhizome develops it’s usually green in color. However, as it continues to develop, you may notice it changes colors.

Pinecone Ginger

Pinecone Ginger can come in a couple different colors.

Pinecone Ginger
Pinecone Ginger
Pinecone Ginger

It also has little flowers that may come out of its scale-like rhizomes.

Pinecone Ginger Uses
Ripening pinecone ginger
Pinecone Ginger

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