2019 Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders

2019 Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders

Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders
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I found everything from a manual pasta maker to a stainless steel chicken plucker! Yep, that’s right. There are plenty of Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders!

Prime day actually lasts for two days July 15th – 16th. These exclusive deals are for those people who pay for that Prime membership.

If you don’t have Prime yet, don’t worry you can get a 30-day free trial to try it out!

Prime Day Deals For Homesteaders

Tools | First Aid |Miscellaneous Items

  1. Weather/emergency radio 
  2. Sewing & mending kit 
  3. Bushnell night vision goggles 
  4. Knife sharpener 
  5. Suture practice kit 
  6. Large first aid kit 
  7. Manual coffee grinder
  8. Trail camera 
  9. Stethoscope & blood pressure cuff 
  10. Mountain House Classic Bucket 
  11. Heirloom seeds
  12. Sharpening stone with sheath
  13. Lantern, hand crank
  14. Firestarter kit
  15. Gas Mask 
  16. Fireproof document bag 
  17. Pepper spray 
  18. Portable solar charger 
  19. Emergency roadside kit 
  20. Heavy-duty rain poncho 
  21. Solo Stove
  22. The Kershaw Barricade 
  23. Kershaw Multi-Function pocket knife 
  24. A Kershaw assisted opening knife
  25. Retractable clothesline (indoor/outdoor)

Kitchen/Food Prime Day Deals for Homesteaders

  1. Vacuum food sealer
  2. Mylar bag SEALER 
  3. Desiccant packs
  4. Manual pasta maker
  5. Meat grinder
  6. Kitchenaid stand mixer 
  7. Manual coffee grinder 
  8. Hamilton Beach Air Fryer 
  9. Oster Countertop Oven with Air Fryer  (I’ve heard good things about these)
  10. 6 Qt Instant Pot
  11. Instant Pot Sous Vide
  12. Instant Pot accessories set
  13. Steam diverter for pressure cooker
  14. Digital meat thermometer

Chicken/Poultry Supplies

  1. 5lb. Mealworms
  2. Chicken coop heater
  3. Chicken glasses (anti pecking glasses)
  4. Heated water bowl
  5. Diaper for chicken, duck, or goose
  6. Chicken saddle
  7. Stainless steel chicken plucker
  8. Egg apron

Beekeeping Supplies

  1. Beekeeping starter kit 
  2. Bee waterer
  3. Full body beekeeping suit 
  4. Beetle oil trap 
  5. Stainless steel J hook tool (scraper) 
  6. Queen bee catcher clip 
  7. Honey extractor 

Gardening Supplies

  1. Hand pruning shears 
  2. Garden toolset 
  3. Raised garden bed 
  4. Dansko shoes (my personal favorite shoes)
  5. Steel raised garden bed 
  6. Heavy-duty leaf waste bags 
  7. Country living magazine 
  8. Kitchen garden with LED 
  9. Rolling garden cart 
  10. Solar torch lights 
  11. Vertical garden 
  12. Copper string solar lights

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