Say No to Cereal! How and Why!

Say No to Cereal! How and Why!

Say No to Cereal How and Why
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Saying no to cereal isn’t easy. Today I’m sharing a list of items that we eat for breakfast. Before we get started I want to mention that if your kids are not eating cereal every day they may be missing out on getting that extra calcium from milk. So make sure you add enough calcium to their diet to keep those bones good and strong!

Foods High in Calcium | Say No To Cereal

Make sure the kiddos are still getting enough calcium, by speaking to your doctor about supplements or making sure they get plenty of calcium-rich foods, like these…

  • milk
  • spinach
  • kale
  • okra
  • collards
  • almonds
  • cheese
  • yogurt
  • oranges

Why Say No to Cereal?

It’s been said for a very long time that breakfast is the most important part of the day. So why are we loading ourselves and our children with high fructose syrup, GMOs, colors, and dyes? Some of the ingredients in cereals are linked to ADHD, hyperactivity, anxiety, migraines, and cancer! How are we supposed to go to work, and our children to school after eating this so-called food and function as we are asked to do?

This year I have set out to cut the processed food out of my house. As much as I possibly can. I already cook most of our foods, but for breakfast last year we ate so much cereal! I was using coupons to get it as cheap as I can. My boys can eat about a box of cereal a day, and well, they love it obviously. Early this year, I noticed that the prices of cereal went up.

At this point, with these prices, it was really way too expensive for my budget anyway. The only reason we were able to have it was because it was cheap. I felt very guilty all last year for giving my kids a very unhealthy breakfast and wanted to change it. I took this increase in price on it as the sign that it was time to do so! So I set out to have a more healthy breakfast that will not break the bank and the kids enjoy!

Breakfast Items List:

Here’s a list of items that we eat for breakfast. I hope these simple ideas will help or motivate your family to moving into the next step or just give you more ideas for a healthier breakfast! I have provided the recipes for the homemade items, and I freeze these items to make preparing breakfast a lot faster!

  • Whole Wheat Biscuits – Add organic maple syrup, honey, butter, jam, pear butter, or jelly
  • Butter Biscuits – Add organic maple syrup, honey, butter, jam, pear butter, jelly, sausage, eggs, and/or cheese
  • Pancakes – Add Organic maple syrup, honey, bananas, berries or other fruit, jam, pear butter, jelly, or butter
  • Toast – Made with Homemade bread – Add organic syrup, honey, butter, jam, pear butter, jelly, sausage, eggs, and/or cheese
  • Breakfast Burritos – We like to add ketchup!
  • Oatmeal – Add organic maple syrup, fruit like bananas, honey, jam, pear butter, or jelly
  • Grits – Add butter and maybe a piece of toast!
  • Smoothies – Just add a straw!
  • Fruit – bananas, pears, apples, grapes, berries, oranges or any other
  • Chocolate Granola Bars – these are amazing and they freeze well.
  • Eggs, sausage or bacon, and biscuits.

Maple Syrup

* buy my organic maple syrup from Trader Joe’s. They have a great price!

Try not to use just any old syrup on the shelf, because most of the name brand pancake syrups are not maple syrup they are high fructose syrup. Real maple syrup has beneficial properties, but fructose doesn’t. It’s more expensive but I made the switch by just giving the kids a smaller amount of syrup. I feel better giving them something that they love, but that is also good for them!

Breakfast Recipes

Do You Have More Breakfast Ideas?

Do you have some favorite breakfast recipes or items? I would love to get more ideas. A couple more recipes that are quick, easy, and frugal if you have any to share! I hope you found this post helpful.

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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Saying no to cereal is hard. They put many addictive ingredients in to put a hook in you, so that you keep coming back. Here are my best tips to say no! | | Homestead Wishing, Author Kristi Wheeler | cereal-alternatives, no-cereal, healthy-breakfast-ideas |

5 thoughts on “Say No to Cereal! How and Why!”

  1. My kids eat a lot of cereal. Never for breakfast. It’s an after school snack! I’ve found several varieties that don’t have all that junk in it! Total win. We raise most of our food so I can squeeze it into our budget, otherwise, I’m with you. It’s so expensive! For breakfast in the morning a favorite is waffles, make the batter the night before. Easy peasy fresh waffles in minutes! Or oatmeal. Somehow I’ve managed to raise boys that love plain old oatmeal!

    1. Haha! My boys won’t touch plain oatmeal! We started making cinnamon and brown sugar oatmeal. They really like it that way. I agree there are some cereals that are somewhat okay. So glad that you have found healthy ways to feed you kids! Total mom win on that plain oatmeal!!!

      Thanks for dropping by Amber! Come back soon!

  2. Healthy Breakfast:
    The following is my staple pancake recipe, but I used it when my son was young for his school lunches because he doesn’t like sandwiches. I’d make a double batch on Sunday night, cook up a couple pancakes and put them into our lunches and leave the batch uncooked in the fridge. It will last the week, just make up the next days allotment the night before. They are heavy and filling as well as being moist and delicious without adding any jams or maple syrup so perfect for packing. (I do alter the fruit sometimes depending what I have, but this is the very best combination!)

    1 cup whole wheat flour 1.5 cups milk
    0.5 quick rolled oats 1 egg
    2 tbsp sugar 2 tbsp oil (avocado, grape seed, or coconut)
    2 tsp baking powder 1 very ripe banana
    pinch of salt 1 just ripe banana
    a generous amount of blueberries

    Mix together dry ingredients. Separately mix up wet ingredients. Mash very ripe banana into wet ingredients. Mix wet and dry together, then slice in just ripe banana and throw in the blueberries, stir to just spread fruit evenly. Adjust milk and flour amounts for desired consistency. (For breakfast pancakes I like it a bit thinner, for lunch pancakes I like it thicker – like a biscuit).
    Cook in frying pan on med-low with butter, just like any other pancake. Takes 5 min to prep. 5 min to cook one pan-full!
    I hope you enjoy… I actually call these the Worlds Best Fruity Oat Cakes!!

    1. Your fruity oat cakes sound delicious! I will have to try them. I love that they have fruit, oats and whole wheat. Those are great ingredients to get your started right! Thank you for sharing your recipe with me. I am sure my three boys will love them!

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