Bug Out Bag List | Free Printable Checklist
Vehicle Bug Out Bag List

Bug Out Bag List | Free Printable Checklist

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I’ve gathered my bug out bag list for you to check out. You never know when you’ll need the things in this bag. I use my bag more often than I ever thought. I thought this would strictly be used in a bug out situation, however, I find myself digging into it for other reasons. Like minor emergencies, or even everyday mishaps.

Hopefully, I’ll never have to fully use my bag and actually bug out, but you really just never know. Whether it’s the end of the world, or just a hurricane emergency. I want to be ready. We’ve had to evacuate before. I’ve always taken our bug out bags with us when we evacuate “just in case” we need them.

Between the threat of heavy traffic, and low gas supplies, you never know if you’ll get stuck someplace. You want to make sure you’re prepared for just about anything.

When you’re building a bug out bag, think about the basics. Water, food, and fire. Without these, life will be short lived. Among those three important topics we also need to remember hygiene, shelter, and clothing.

I’ve included a couple of options in each category. You have to weigh the options. Weight, quality, convenience, effectiveness, and bang for your buck. Speaking of money, if you are on a budget, you might want to hop on over and check out the frugal bug out bag. I compiled a list of cheap supplies you can throw in a bug out bag while sticking to a budget!

Grab this Bug Out Bag Printable Checklist.

Bug Out Bag List – B.O.B.

Notice: Some people may need medication or other items not listed here.


First things first. You'll need a backpack. Some of these come with supplies. It's a great way to get start building a bug out bag. Some of them are empty and need to be filled. Choose wisely.

Bug Out Bag: Water

Here are some choices that you have for filtering and carrying water for an emergency.

Bug Out Bag Food Options

Remember that you want, nutritiously dense food. Even better if you can buy lightweight food that doesn't weigh your pack down. Choose wisely.

Fire Starters

Fire means food in your belly, warmth for your body, and a boost for morale during tough times. I like to have multiple means of fire-making. Flint and steel and a couple of lighters. They are both lightweight, and don't take up much room so why not?

Cooking Supplies

While you're building your bug out bag one of the things you need to think about is how you'll boil water, and cook food. There are plenty of options. Choose wisely.


Every good bug out bag has a few good blades. Don't be caught without one. There are many forms of blades to choose from. Pocket knives to hatchets make good choices.

Let There Be Light!

Solar power has come a long way. However, that technology hasn't been adapted to flashlights and other lighting gear very well. At least from my experience. I've tried a couple of solar power flashlights and they end up failing terribly.

It's been a few years since I've tried any new solar flashlight on the market. I've found a couple I believe are worth trying.

Another note, flashlights really aren't a necessity in a bug out bag. In my opinion, the only reason you might want to have them is when you are relieving yourself at night, or God forbid you have to travel at night.

Alternatively, If you're keeping a bug out bag in your vehicle, it's a good idea to always have a flashlight for vehicle emergencies.

Fishing & Hunting Gear

If you run out of food supplies or rations, you'll want some other means of eating. Make sure you have a few good lightweight choices on fishing and hunting for your bug out bag.


Keeping yourself clean can be the difference between being comfortable and healthy and the opposite of that. Even during a survival situation cleanliness is still next to Godliness.

First Aid

A must-have for your bugging out kit. It can be difficult to get everything you need in a first aid kit. You may have to buy a few extra supplies here and there.

Miscellaneous Bug Out Bag Gear

Whether it's duct tape, paracord, etc... Some of these survival supplies are a must in a bug out bag.

Bug Out Bag List

  • Backpack and waterproof cover
  • Water purification tablets, Life Straw, or other means of filtering water
  • Food – Rations, Mountain House Meals, Jerky, MREs
  • Firestarters, lighters
  • Stainless steel cup to boil water and cook food, or compact pan set, and/or solo stove
  • Blades/Sharps – pocket knife, can opener, machete, axe, saw, or other handy blades
  • Solar flashlight, penlight, etc…
  • Travel fishing kit and snare kits
  • Toothbrush & toothpaste paste, lotion, toilet paper
  • First Aid Kit
  • Miscellaneous supplies – Compass, Bible, playing cards, lightweight tarp or rainfly, duct tape, paracord, emergency blanket, signaling mirror, whistle, travel sewing and manicure kits, power bank, rubber bands, safety pins, carabiners, paper clip, homemade chap balm, garbage bags, plastic freezer bags (for foraging or other uses),
  • Clothes

Some Other Recommendations…

I found some small sewing kits at the Dollar Tree and of course, they are only $1. Not the best quality, but if you’re like me, cheap is what I can afford, sometimes!

Also, from the Dollar Tree I buy dental floss, hand-sani, antibacterial ointment, playing cards, travel bibles, bandages, gauze, & face masks. If you want you can see more on my Dollar Tree Bug Out Bag.

You might also be interested in the Amazon Bug Out Bag List.

*Clothes- it does depend on what climate you’re living in and plan to retreat to!

  • Small Jacket – water-resistant if possible/down jacket that is easily compressed
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Pants
  • Socks – wool because they will wick the moisture away and you do not want your feet wet!
  • Underwear – a couple pair

Thanks for visiting! Is there anything I missed? The list could go on and on and never end!

At some point, you really have to limit yourself and teach yourself to use what you have on hand.

I find that it’s best to make a list, then prioritize that list. If you have any items not necessary for survival remove them! Don’t weigh yourself down too much.

This is how I ultimately made my list. I hope it helps you make a top-notch bag for yourself.

Don’t forget to do a lot of research! Think about health issues your family may have, and don’t forget about prepping for your pets!

Grab this printable Bug Out Bag Checklist.

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6 thoughts on “Bug Out Bag List | Free Printable Checklist”

  1. I have found some really good buyd on Ebay. I also added a USGI water proff bag to my USGI duffel Truck bag. I have found a few good deals on flash lights that take 18650 rechargeable batteries that can be charged with your car/ truck outlet.
    One of these takes the place of 3 AAA.

    1. That’s an idea, I’d love a waterproof bag myself. Having protection from rain or other is super important, just in case! My flashlight is rechargeable also. I’m not quite sure what the battery is called though. I can charge it in anywhere with a usb cable. Quite happy with it. The one I currently use and love is called a powerprobe. It boasts like 800 lumens or something like that. I don’t remember now. I know it is super bright! It cuts through dense woods very well. Thanks for the info Shayne!

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