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Springtime is right around the corner. First, take inventory. Take out all of the seeds you currently have. Use this handy (free printable) chart to note when each one should be planted. Get excited because it is spring garden prep time!

If you haven’t already, decide on your garden site. This site should get at least six hours or more of direct sunlight every day.  A southern facing garden will receive the most overhead sunlight throughout the day. So keep that in mind. Make sure there is a water source nearby, ie; a water hose, or spigot. Level ground and well-draining soil are helpful when gardening.

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What seeds to start in March?

A month before planting, start cleaning up the garden area. We will need to take out all of the dead plants. Perennials may have new growth coming up through the dead leaves and such. This is a great sign that it’s time to start planting cool weather crops. Remove leaves and tree litter. Get your soil ready by adding soil and compost if needed. Make sure to mix it into the existing soil. Let your soil rest for a couple of weeks before planting.

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What seeds to start in March?

If you’re thinking about starting your herb garden with seeds instead of plants, check out this Seed Starting Class first. It’s a very affordable way to learn about growing from seeds. I took the class myself from the Online Gardening School. The instructor Rick has 18 years of gardening experience! He really knows what he is talking about!

Spring Garden Prep

Prepare your tools. Clean them up and make sure they are stored under a roof. Sharpening any cutting tools will make this gardening season a little easier. Replace worn out/broken tools, such as gloves or pruners.

Spring garden prep

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spring garden prep

They have these seeds starter trays that you can buy at the store. I never have had much luck with them. They tend to grow mold more than anything. The seedlings will start to grow but the mold ultimately kills them.

Alternatively, you can use items that you may otherwise be discarding. Like toilet paper rolls, or eggshells. Below are some great ideas of things you can use to start your new seeds!

spring garden prep
spring garden prep

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Digging is a lot of work. Don’t make it harder on yourself. Make sure the soil is dry, this will make is easier to work with. It will also allow you to add the correct amounts of moisture to your seedlings.

spring garden prep

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You are now ready to start planting! Are you as excited as I am?

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