Teach kids about Safety - How to talk to kids about safety

How to Teach Kids About Safety

How to Teach kid about safety
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We live in a world that seems much scarier than the one I grew up in. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t aware of my surroundings. Thank God, that I didn’t get kidnapped or get in a major accident. I wouldn’t have known how to handle the situation. I wanted to gather a list of things to teach kids about safety, so more parents can work on being safe in places like parking lots, at school, etc…

 What if…

I’m not sure about where you live, but crime is pretty high here. The crime is up in many cities across our country.

Our children need to develop skills, for how to react in some bad situations. Sure we can act as they’ll never happen, but what if they do? Will you blame yourself for not being prepared, and for not preparing your children?

I’ve been having open discussions at home, and I have quick reminders before entering the store or other public outings with my boys.

Teach Kids About Safety

Depending on the ages of your kids you may decide to wait or skip some of the material.

You may have different views than me, which is awesome. I believe God made us all different. Just because your views don’t align with mine doesn’t make one of us a bad person.

Please remember this as you read, and remember to be respectful! If this doesn’t fall in line with your beliefs, maybe it can at least give you some topics to talk about with your children. Better safe than sorry!

Teaching Kids About Bad People

Bad people can be anywhere, anyone, and can look nice, dressed in a suit and tie, or a dirty shirt. They can be handsome, pretty, tall, thin, or big.

Now, what to do if a stranger grabs a hold of you? YELL, SCREAM, and KICK! It’s important to know that even a big burly man has weak points like eyeballs and testicles.

Use your finger like a fish hook, and pull their eyeball out. Yes, it will be gross, but it’s necessary if someone is trying to hurt you or take you away. If you can’t reach the eyes, go for the penis or testicles!

Eww, yes don’t touch people’s private unless you have no other choice. Squeeze, pull, kick, and hit repeatedly!

Do whatever it takes, just keep fighting, and be as loud as you can!

Don’t give up! Most of those bad guys don’t want to be caught, so the more noise you make, the more likely you are to run them off!

Be careful of strangers. Strangers could offer you candy or a puppy so they can get you in their car and take you away from your family and friends.

The candy they offer may have drugs in them. Even one bite could be harmful! These bad people will do bad things to you, like beat you (not spankings) burn you or even kill you…

They could also tempt you with a puppy, a kitten, video games, skateboard, or even a new cell phone.

They’ll try to figure out what you like by talking to you, and then say oh I have that in my car! Come with me and you can play all the video games you could ever want.

They are LYING! You should avoid conversations with strangers and only talk to people your parents have approved!

Also, it’s very helpful to have a safe word. Some strangers may try to say, I’m a friend of your moms and she wanted me to walk you to your car. The child can simply ask the stranger for the password!

Always tell a parent if someone touches you on your private areas. Even if it ‘s a teacher, coach, friend, classmate, or relative. If you feel uncomfortable around a certain adult tell an adult that you trust, such as a parent or grandparent. Trust your instincts!

Speak to the child about who would be allowed to touch or look at private areas such as parent, grandparent, and/or doctor if there is a problem, or if you need to apply medicine. Explain but only for those reasons. Sometimes a doctor will look for health check-ups, or maybe because there is a rash, etc…

Someone may do something bad and tell you not to tell anyone or they’ll hurt your family.

Explain to your child that you are a totally bad to the bone and would be just fine, just kidding tell them that this is the bad person’s way of trying to get away with doing a very bad thing.

Assure them that if anything happens that you are going to be strong enough to handle it! They should never be hurt or touched in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable!

They may say something like this is our little secret. You cannot keep secrets like this! Always tell no matter what they say, and always be truthful.

Teach Kids Safety When Shopping

Have a plan if you get separated! Also, have basic rules for safe shopping.

  1. Go to the cashier and tell her that you can’t find mom/dad/nana or whomever you’re with.
  2. Know mom/dad/nana’s real names, so they can be called via the intercom!
  3. Know your address, and mom/dad’s phone numbers.
  4. Learn about strangers and how to protect yourself from bad people.
  5. Don’t hang around in parking lots. Get right into your car and lock the door and leave!

School Safety

Often times school systems do teach kids about safety, but it is limited. If your children are in school, you definitely need to be aware of what the policies are for certain emergencies.

Fires, tornadoes, bad storms, earthquakes, stranger danger, violence, and guns are things children need some guidance on.

Even though we have seen an increase in children acquiring weapons and taking them to school doesn’t mean that the school has decided to teach children what to do in a situation where there is a gun.

Yes, I have seen posters saying to tell on someone if they have a gun, it could save a life. That’s not enough! Not at all.

I hope that children have more knowledge than that if ever they are put in a situation where there is a gun.

Do they know that gunshots are extremely loud? Guns are so loud it could damage hearing. I imagine it’s much worse in a school where things might echo very loudly.

When you experience something that is so loud it may make you sick and hard to control your body.

It’s very important to teach children it may be hard but if you can get away from the situation do! If you can’t run away safely, then find a place to hide and get down on the floor as low as possible.

If you can’t hide, cover your head and heart area with a backpack that has a couple of large books in it if possible. Anything to help slow down a bullet going into the most vulnerable places is better than nothing in my opinion!

I explained it this way, you can live most likely from a bullet in your leg, but not from a bullet in your heart or head.

When my children were in school (we homeschool now), I tried to keep their pick up schedule the same.

Whether your children are picked up by a parent or dropped off by the bus, try to be consistent. Let them know who can pick them up, and tell them that you would never send someone they do not know to come get them. Having a code word helps with this kind of situation too!

Teach Kids Gun Safety

If you don’t allow your kids to touch guns you’ll have to skip some of these. I believe in the value of knowledge. Guns are here to stay. They’ll always be found on this planet.

You may as well teach your children as much about them as you can. It’s obviously your choice of how you go about it. I’m not throwing judgment around for what you choose to teach your child, please do the same!

  • If you see one don’t touch it. Tell an adult!
  • Teach them how to shoot. Kill the curiosity!
  • Let them help you clean your guns.
  • Talk frequently about the importance of gun safety. Go over all of the rules.
  • Have a place such as the range where that is the only place they are allowed to touch the guns.
  • Remind them that even adults make stupid mistakes with guns because they didn’t follow the strict guidelines. That is why it’s very important again for them to not touch them.
  • If you play with a gun, you can kill someone you love.
  • Don’t touch drugs. Tell an adult you trust like a parent or teacher if you see something that looks like drugs.
  • If you pick it up you could go to jail.
  • Beer, wine and liquor are all drugs. These drugs are not against the law to use for ADULTS when used properly, but for children, it is illegal, because it can hurt young growing bodies. It’s important not to take anything like drugs because they can kill!
  • Drugs often look like a powder.
  • Sometimes people put drugs into food or candy. Don’t except food or candy from people you don’t know!
  • Needles can be extremely dangerous and have drugs or diseases on them! So don’t touch them!

True or false – You can die if you drink too much alcohol?

True or false – You can die if you take too much of ANY drug?

In Summary

I looked at many resources before talking to my kiddos, and I, of course, encourage you to do the same. My message may not be the same message you want to give your kids, but I hope it can at least be a starting point or just a reminder for you and your children to open up a dialogue about safety!

I did use the McGruff website. I think it was more useful in finding subjects to speak about more than finding information about how to talk to kids, but there are some good ideas there. You can find it at Mcgruff.org.

I also found this cool interactive website. I have not been through the whole thing. They have many more subjects and what I saw it looked like a lot of great information! Kids Safety Topics

These Safety Topics for Kids has some free printables and even a couple of new topics like downed power lines!

It seems like there are never-ending subjects of things we could go on and on about when it comes to safety!

There are so many things I didn’t even think of. These subjects helped get the ball rolling hopefully we will just continue to learn, grow, and be prepared when possible!

Do a lot of research and take notes before talking to your kids. Be willing to answer tons of questions, and be surprised that your children already have some of the answers! They’re smart little people after all!

I’d love To Know what you think!… Leave me a comment!

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    1. Homestead Wishing

      Oh I had no idea! Glad you said something about it being National Safety Month! Thanks for stopping by Kailei!

  1. That’s a good topic. And every parent should speak with their kids about such things. I don’t know if we would teach our kids how to use a gun, because we don’t own one and we don’t know how to use either. But I agree, it’s important that they knew what the gun is.

    1. Homestead Wishing

      Right. For some people and situations it may not seem necessary to teach them how to use one. Thank you for sharing your perspective! I appreciate you dropping by!

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