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Tepache is a sweet fermented beverage made with pineapple rinds. It has probiotic properties, and can contain up 1-3% alcohol believe it or not! Tepache is a lovely beverage to make for summertime. Another summertime drink I make is Almond Cream Soda. It’s made with water kefir though.

More About Tepache

Tepache originated in Mexico a long time ago. It’s still popular today. It’s even produced commercially. Did you know that Tepache means “drink of the corn”? It sure does. Originally, this fermented beverage was made with a base of corn instead of pineapple rinds. However, the modern version of this beverage uses pineapple as a base.

Additionally, people often make other versions. Some people use a wide variety of flavors such as guava, apple, and even orange.

In central and south America tepache is actually known as “chicha”. The Mayans made tepache and added aromatic spices. They thought of this beverage as sacred and used it in religious rituals.

It’s so simple to make. This recipe uses the peels of the pineapple with a little bit of the fruit. You can eat the leftover as a snack or you can try your hand at making Fermented Pineapple Chutney.

Check out the images below, to see more on how to make this wonderful beverage.


Leave about a 1/4 inch of fruit on the peel when you cut it off.

pineapple sliced on a cutting board

Chop up the peels upi roughly.

pineapple cut up on a cutting board

Here is a closer look

making tepache

Next, we’ll add sugar to a mason jar and mix it with water.

pineapple rinds in a mason jar, called tepache

After that, we will add the pineapple to the mason jar. You might have noticed in the image above there are glass weights, weighing down the pineapple rinds. The rinds really need to stay below the liquid or brine. So do the weights or there is a possibility of mold growing.

pineapple rinds in a mason jar called tepache

To see the entire recipe hop on over to Fermentools for the whole recipe!

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Tepache a fermented beverage made with pineapple rinds