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Suddenly, we went from having 2 incomes to only one income. It was and sometimes still is a struggle. However, I’ve learned a lot through my more than 10 years of living this way.

We all go through hard times. I wanted to share some things I’ve done to ease your way through all of this. I support all moms and dads, working at home or outside of the home.

My current situation is I work at home blogging (I don’t make much), and I homeschool my children, while my husband works full time.

 Stressful Jobs Lead to a Huge Burnout…

Several years ago, my husband and I found ourselves both in highly stressful jobs. We were burnt out, stressed, and broken.  

Since I’ve been at home, my husband and I learned how much better it is for not just the kids (surprisingly) but for us parents too!

It’s nice to have home-cooked meals, time to run errands, go to school functions, to love our children and spend time with them.

There are so many things that I love about this, setup I cannot even list them all!

So let’s talk about how to make it a little easier on the wallet.

The best things I did was reduce the grocery bill by using more coupons learning how to shop the sales and using tax money to buy a 1 year supply of everyday items like deodorant and shampoo.

Here are Some Ideas to Help Save Money on One Income:

  • Reduce grocery bills – by using coupons when possible and shop the sales.
  • Coupons apps – Coupons apps are becoming more and more popular, and offer another way to save.
  • Cancel subscriptions – Cable/Internet/Phone
  • Cook/eat at home/use cheap recipes – Here are some of my favorite: Dill Caper Pasta, Frittata, Hamburger Macaroni, Beef Stroganoff, Chicken Tetrazzini, Chicken Marsala
  • Buy off-brand items/Unless the brand name is cheaper with a coupon.
  • Shop thrift stores – if you need clothes, or do what I do and wait for someone to give you a bag of clothes.
  • Stockpile clothes – I also, keep clothes for the kids in the shed that were given to us! We have a couple of years ahead of us packed away that don’t fit just yet.
  • Toilet paper – I buy 2-3 boxes of this a year. I estimate I am saving probably $60-$70/yr.
  • Make Homemade Laundry Detergent.
  • Plant a garden.
  • Can or use other methods of preserving your garden veggies.
  • Use a store card to rack up gas points.
  • Buy some of those everyday items from a dollar store.
  • Homemade items – Some items are just cheaper to make at home… chap balm, hot cocoa, bread, biscuits, pancakes, & jams & jellies, homemade perfume, shea butter moisturizer and plenty more!
  • Plan to eat some cheap foods such as beans and rice, and soup is a great idea too.
  • Use your homemade items as gifts for family and friends!
  • Find new uses for something you might otherwise throw away. At Christmas time, I made a wreath with pine cones, paper bags from the grocery store, an old piece of garland, an old red bow, some paint and a piece of cardboard.
  • I started fermenting some things here recently and I found the perfect little cucumbers to use and the pack only costs $2.29! I can make two jars of fermented pickles. Water, spices, and salt are all pretty cheap, so it makes it much, MUCH cheaper to make my own.
  • Dry your clothes out on the line instead of using the dryer.

Ask For Help!

If you’re anything like my husband, you might be too good for charity. However, many churches collect food items and even holiday gifts for children in low income homes.

We’ve had help with making Thanksgiving dinner. A local church gave us almost everything we needed, including a whole turkey!

Reach out to non-profits in your area, or ask your local schools, or churches if you can be put on a list.

You can also check out Feeding America for more information about finding food banks.

Also, check to see if your city has a farm share program. We’ve received cases of fresh veggies, fruit, and packaged goods from a farm share program.

Helpful programs like these are the heroes when times get really tough!

You can also apply for government assistant like WIC, and food stamps.

Having only one income can be hard to manage. I sure hope this helps! I hope that I can keep adding to this list for all of you.

Maybe some of you can help? Do you have some good money saving ideas? I feel like I am forgetting some good ones. Feel free to leave a comment with your ideas. 🙂

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